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       Guangzhou Radio Group was founded on February 28, 1995,It was registered as a whole in 1960 (during the second Five-Year Plan of the State) on the basis of the state-owned 75O factory under the fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry (later the Ministry of Electronics Industry),Its history can be traced back to 1956 under the background of public-private partnership set up "state-owned Guangzhou radio decoration factory",It is one of the earliest military electronics enterprises in China。

       Now it has 1 national innovative enterprise and 1 national innovative pilot enterprise。There are 2 national key software enterprises, 3 national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises, and 65 state-recognized high-tech enterprises。The products and services of 8 public companies, including Broadcasting Express, Hager Communication, Broadcasting Metrology, Guangha Communication, Mojie Innovation, Huitong Finance, Pixel Data and Zhongke Jiangnan, have entered more than 110 countries and regions around the world, with more than 226 subsidiaries at all levels。

      The Group is located in Zhujiang New Town, the central CBD area of Guangzhou, China, and its three industrial bases are located in Guangzhou Science City, a high-tech industrial agglomeration area of Guangzhou. It has built R&D and manufacturing bases in Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha and other places。Over the years, adhere to the "high investment, high yield" technology innovation strategy, the average R & D investment accounted for more than 8% of the operating income, to overcome a number of key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, the average annual value of new products more than 80%。

      The core enterprise of the group -- Guangzhou Radio Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou, mainly engaged in high-tech manufacturing and modern service industry investment operation, registered capital 5.5亿元,It has been recognized as the national innovative enterprise, the top ten enterprises of China's independent innovation ability for two consecutive years, the top 500 enterprises of China's service industry, and the benchmark enterprise of independent innovation in Guangdong Province,It has a state-recognized enterprise technology center and postdoctoral research workstation,And won the national May Day Labor Award, national enterprise Technology center achievement Award, China quality reputation AAA+ level and other awards。

      Three advantageous industries - to create high-quality products to occupy the high-end market

      Wireless communication navigation industry: one of the largest complete machine suppliers in the field of large-scale wireless communication navigation and information in the integration of military and civilian;The product field has developed from wireless communication navigation to satellite communication, radar electronics, maritime electronics, spectrum management, simulation, and information services,Beidou navigation, digital clustering, software evaluation and other fields have realized large-scale civilian application of military technology;The core technology system has been built in the field of short wave, ultra-short wave, navigation and other military communications,Has developed a number of national and industrial military standards and more than 100 enterprise standards;Dozens of series hundreds of varieties of products,Widely used in the sea, air and air services and transportation, communications, broadcasting and other important areas of the national economy,The products provide high-quality communication support for national strategic projects such as the docking of Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou 9 spacecraft。

      Currency self-service terminal equipment industry: China's largest ATM products and system solutions and automatic ticket sales system equipment supplier;ATM equipment in the national sales share for many years ranked first,Products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions,Global industry comprehensive strength into the top 5;As one of the world's major enterprises that master the core cash cycle technology,Independently developed a full set of cash processing technologies such as withdrawal, deposit and cash circulation;The leading paper currency prefix number management system,Suitable for a full range of intelligent cash handling products such as cleaning machines and cleaning lines,Open a new era of smart cash sorting;VTM (Remote Intelligent Teller Machine) leads the transformation of intelligent banking channels;Rail transit equipment and core modules are used in more than 40 high-speed railway passenger dedicated lines and urban rail transit such as Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai, Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway and Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Xi 'an subway。

      Real estate management and development industry: adhering to the development of "quality" concept,The modern residential community model is combined with the essence of traditional Chinese gardens,Create the "Orchid Pavilion" series,More than 40 "Lanting" series projects have been developed in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Taiyuan, Kunming, Jiangsu and Zhejiang,Won the construction industry "Luban Award";With the national first-class real estate development qualification,The industrial scale extends from residential real estate to commercial real estate;Ranked 97th among China's top 500 real estate companies,It is known as the pioneer of China's "cultural landscape" in the industry。

      Three service platforms - to build high-end brands with high-end services for the whole country

      Financial outsourcing business service platform: Specialized in providing one-stop self-service channel operation and management services such as clearing and adding banknotes, clearing and sorting business, cash transfer, on-site marketing, night inspection, and bill delivery,Expand high-end pan-financial service outsourcing business nationwide;Relying on independent research and development of the first domestic financial self-service channel operation management system platform,The whole process information integrated management is realized.More than 700 service stations have been set up in 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities,It has built the largest and most complete ATM service network in China,Won the "2012 China's Most Competitive Financial Services Outsourcing Enterprise Award"。

      Measurement and testing service platform: professional measurement calibration, product testing and certification, automatic test system development, measurement technology consulting and training services;It has more than 1,000 national laboratories, defense laboratories and foreign laboratories qualification accreditation projects,Measurement and testing data in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide mutual recognition;There are 14 measurement and testing laboratories and more than 30 branches in China,Awarded as "National SME Public Service Demonstration Platform"。

      Big property service platform: committed to creating a high-end pan-property service model,It has built three core business systems of "smart city operation and maintenance service manager, enterprise park logistics outsourcing service manager, and government high-end property service provider".With the national property management level one qualification,Created the first large-scale urban complex management and maintenance outsourcing project in China,It is the only provider of property management services for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games,China's top 100 property management enterprises;It has more than 100 high-end property project service centers in more than 10 cities across the country,The total building area of the properties in the management service exceeds 30 million square meters,And it is expanding outward at a rate of about 30% a year。