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Guangdong electronic information Industry Association member registration form

                                                                  Member Number:

Unit name


Unified society

Credit code


 Apply for membership level

Ordinary member unit        Governing unit       Vice president unit 

Unit type

  □ State-owned Enterprises     □ Collective Enterprise     □ Private Enterprise     Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment enterprises

  □ Foreign-funded enterprises     □ Social groups     □ 其他  ____________ hold

Member representative

(legal representative or authorized representative)





Office telephone








Member unit

Contact information









Office telephone










Industry of the unit

□ Computer Manufacturing         □ Communication equipment manufacturing         □ Radio and television equipment manufacturing

□ Electronic device manufacturing       □ Radar and supporting equipment manufacturing   □ Non-professional audio-visual equipment manufacturing

□ Intelligent consumer equipment manufacturing   □ Electronic device manufacturing         □ Manufacture of electronic components and special materials

□ Other electronic equipment manufacturing   □ Software Development             □ Information processing and storage support services 

□ Run maintenance services       □ Digital content services         □ Information system integration and Internet of Things technical services

□ Information technology consulting services   □ Integrated circuit design         □ Other information technology services

□ 其它 ..

   Whether to list

□ Listed (stock code            £unlisted





Postal code


Preceding year

Number of employees


Number of R&D personnel


R&d investment (ten thousand yuan)


Operating income (ten thousand yuan)


Net profit (ten thousand yuan)


Company profile












Honors, qualifications and awards received

(A separate page may be attached)

The unit voluntarily becomes a member of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, recognizes and abides by the association's articles of association and various rules and regulations, and fulfills the rights and obligations granted by the association。   

    Member representative Signature:


(company seal)


Association review comments:






(company seal)



1This form in duplicate, can be printed on both sides, the member representative (legal representative or authorized representative) signed with the official seal of the unit。

2Please send the following information attached to the table to the secretariat of the association (Yuehua Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou)185Machine building1005Room) : A copy of the business license of the applicant (with the official seal of the applicant) in duplicate。Above the boardA resume of member representative (vice president or above) is required。

3The above scanned copies, introduction of the applicant, logo, publicity pictures and other related materials are sent to the E-mail address of the

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