Wisdom Education Professional Committee

本站 本站 1970-01-01

       Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, informationization has expanded the new space of people's study, work and life, and exerted an important influence on people's way of seeking knowledge, way of thinking and value concept。习近平总书记曾强调,“加快推进教育现代化,就必须高度重视教育信息化工作。The essence of "smart education" is to realize the sharing of educational information and knowledge through the means of educational informatization。"Smart education" has the attributes of "education" and "informationization"。

       In order to give full play to the brand advantages and comprehensive service functions of the association,Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, together with Guangdong Publishing Group Digital Publishing Co., LTD., South China Normal University Education Information Technology College, Tencent cloud computing, Guangzhou Yougu Information and other 23 units initiated the establishment of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association intelligent Education Professional Committee。

       The special committee will be committed to bringing together the relevant enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and other forces engaged in the smart education industry,Jointly establish a professional intelligent education committee that can serve, communicate and coordinate the government, industry users, enterprises, etc,For the application needs of intelligent education,Give full play to the role of the electronic information industry in technology research and development, standard formulation, industry application, etc,To carry out cooperation with other cities in Guangdong in smart education planning, investment and construction,We will vigorously promote the development of smart education。