Professional Committee of Vocational Education

本站 本站 1970-01-01

       With the implementation of Quality rejuvenation, Made in China 2025 and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Strategy,It marks the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial structure, vocational positions and technical skills,New electronic information technologies emerge one after another,Higher requirements are also put forward to the comprehensive quality of the workers trained by vocational education in the aspects of vocational ability and innovation ability。In the "Rules for the Construction of Modern Vocational Education System" (2014-2020) jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and other six ministries, it is proposed that the vocational education industry guidance system should be built,Strengthen industry guidance capacity building,Give play to the important role of the industry in providing policy consulting services, releasing the needs of industry talents, promoting school-enterprise cooperation, participating in guiding education and teaching, and carrying out quality evaluation。

       The trade association is an important force in the construction of our modern vocational education system。In order to give full play to the brand advantages and comprehensive service functions of the association,Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, together with Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Technical College, Guangdong Normal University of Technology, Guangzhou Panyu Vocational Technical College, Guangdong Transportation Vocational Technical College and other 18 vocational colleges initiated the establishment of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association Vocational Education Committee。

       The committee will aim to bring together all parties through a unified platform,Establish a regular interaction and cooperation mechanism,Strengthen the exchange of industrial technical skills talents to support relevant parties, promote school-enterprise cooperation, and establish a continuing education platform for practitioners and a talent evaluation platform,Actively contribute to the balanced, innovative and healthy development of electronic information vocational education in our province。