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三星、SKHynix China plant granted indefinite US license

The Inland Revenue Department has raided Lenovo's offices in India

The world's first!The memory and computing integrated chip of memristor has been developed in China

Mainland manufacturers account for nearly 70% of the global large-size panel market

From the global consumption trend changes, lookTVMarket growth point


三星、SKHynix China plant granted indefinite US license。Presidential Office of South Korea109It was announced on Tuesday that the US government had placed Samsung Electronics andSKHynix's semiconductor plant in China is designated asVerified end usersValidated End-UserVEU), Samsung Electronics andSKHynix canIndefinite durationThe decision to supply U.S. semiconductor equipment to its semiconductor plants in China without any separate licensing process or deadline is effective immediately upon notification。

去年107U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BISAnnounced an update to a series of export control policies that limit China's ability to buy and manufacture high-end chips, including prohibiting the export of equipment to semiconductor manufacturing facilities located in China for manufacturing purposes:128Layer or already onNANDFlash chip, half pitch18nmOr belowDRAMMemory chips, etc., after last year10In October, after negotiations, Samsung Electronics, a multinational company with factories in China,SKHynix, TSMC and others were granted one-year exemptions to continue exporting equipment。As the exemption period approaches202310October, Samsung Electronics,SKHynix was granted an indefinite license。

However, it should be pointed out that the expansion of semiconductor factories in China after these companies are exempted will still be subject to certain restrictions。今年9In October, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued implementation including provision527$100 million chip industry subsidies2022The Chip and Science Act was finalized护栏The rule states that chip fund recipients are prohibited10Expand semiconductor material production capacity in China during the year, restrict the grantees from conducting certain joint research or technology licensing activities with relevant foreign entities, among others28nmThe following advanced chip expansion ratio is limited to5%28nmOr the expansion of older, more mature technologies will be limited to10%

The Inland Revenue Department has raided Lenovo's offices in India。Recently, according to several Indian media reports, the Indian tax department on the suspicion of Lenovo tax evasion, in order to confirm the relevant information and collect evidence, the Lenovo factory in Haryana, as well as Lenovo's office in Bangalore conducted a raid。Indian officials also reportedly examined the laptops of Lenovo employees, and they also tried to contact Lenovo's senior management before and after the raid to obtain relevant information and evidence。Lenovo also confirmed the news and said it is working with Indian authorities and will provide all support。Lenovo's Indian subsidiary, Yu1996It is currently occupied in IndiaPCMarket contract17%The share of the company2022-2023Revenue in India for the fiscal year was19$100 million (about RMB)138.7亿元)。It is worth mentioning that before the raid on Lenovo, the Indian government also issued an import restriction order to restrict the import of computers from abroad, including laptops, tablets and personal computers, with the aim of promoting Made in India and hoping that more computer companies will establish production chains in India。

In recent years, due to geopolitical and other factors, India has taken a series of repressive measures against Chinese companies and related products in India, seriously undermining the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies。小米、OPPOvivoChinese companies have faced a series of regulatory difficulties in India, with tax evasion and illegal money transfers being the most common allegations。Indian Ministry of Finance in this year7Statistics released in October pointed out that millet,OPPOvivoThe scale of tax evasion and illegal fund transfers by Chinese enterprises in India is as high as that of other Chinese enterprises800Crore rupees (about RMB)70.2亿元)。去年7月,vivoAccused by the Indian government of violating the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act,46.5Crore rupees (about RMB)3.9100 million yuan) assets are frozen。According to the disclosure of Xiaomi Group's financial report, since202112Since October, the relevant Indian authorities, including the Income Tax Department, the Tax Intelligence Bureau and the Law Enforcement Department, have respectively launched investigations and notices against small Mi Indian companies on compliance with relevant income tax regulations, customs regulations and foreign exchange regulations。Some of Xiaomi's local bank accounts have been seized, as of2023630日,441.4Billion Indian rupees (about RMB)39100 million yuan) was restricted。

The world's first!The memory and computing integrated chip of memristor has been developed in China。Recently, the team of Professor Wu Huaqiang and Associate Professor Gao Bin of the School of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University developed the world's first full-system integration, supporting efficient on-chip learning (machine learning can be completed directly at the hardware end) memristor memory and computing integrated chip based on the integrated computing paradigm。

2012Qian He and Wu Huaqiang's team began to study the use of memristors for storage。The memristor is the fourth basic circuit component after resistance, capacitance and inductance。It can still work after the power goes out记忆The passing charge is therefore used as a novel nanoelectronic synaptic device。2020年,The team is based on a multi-array memristor,A whole hardware integrated storage and computing system is built,This system runs the convolutional neural network algorithm efficiently,The image recognition function is successfully verified,Two orders of magnitude more energy efficient than graphics processor chips,Greatly improve the computing power of computing equipment,It achieves complex computation with less power consumption and lower hardware cost。

On-chip learning is very important for edge intelligent devices to adapt to different application scenarios。Current techniques used to train neural networks require moving large amounts of data between computing and storage units, which hinders learning on edge devices。In this research, Qian He and Wu Huaqiang led the team to innovate and design a new general algorithm and architecture suitable for efficient on-chip learning of memristor memory and computingSTELLARThe chip can perform tasks including motion control, image classification and speech recognition, and its energy consumption for the same task is onlyASIC1/35And hope to achieve it75Double the energy efficiency improvement。

On-chip learning achieves lower latency and lower power consumption while effectively protecting user privacy and data。According to Yao Peng, a postdoctoral fellow and one of the first authors of the academic paper, the chip can realize different tasks quickly by referring to the bionic brain-like processing methodOn-chip trainingOn-chip recognitionIt can effectively complete incremental learning tasks in edge computing scenarios, adapt to new scenarios and learn new knowledge with very low power consumption, and meet the personalized needs of users。

Mainland manufacturers account for nearly 70% of the global large-size panel market。近年来,中国大陆显示面板产业快速崛起,2022National display panel shipping area1.6Billion square meters, the proportion of the global market68.6%China has become the world's largest display panel production base。Since the beginning of this year, panel prices have begun to pick up, stimulated by the atmosphere of market price increases, machine manufacturers prepare goods in advance for promotion nodes, and panel demand continues to increase.75Large panel sizes of inches and above are the main drivers of growth。According to data from Lotto Technology,20238In October, the global shipment area of large-size LCD TV panels was141010,000 square meters, a year-on-year increase11.7%。Boe, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Huike three mainland panel manufacturers in the global market share of long-term stability at about 70%,8Month Total market share is67.7%7Monthly total market share is69.9%)。The voice of the global large-size board industry has been completely transferred to the Chinese mainland manufacturers。

Specific manufacturer performance, BOE8Monthly shipment terms480Ten thousand films, ranked first in the world。4365Inch two main size shipments continue to lead,75Inch shipments narrowly surpassed Huaxing Optoelectronics ranked first。Huaxing photoelectric monthly shipments reached420Ten thousand pieces, year-on-year growth16.1%55Although the shipments of inch products decreased from the previous quarter, they still maintained the first place in the world.32Inch products once again surpassed BOE to win the first, super size98Inch product shipments strong lead, cumulative shipments of global market share reached74.2%。Huike monthly shipments approx315Ten thousand pieces, the same quarter-on-quarter decline, respectively7.3%11.7%。On a very large scale,85inch-sum100Inch two products shipments for many months ranked first,85Inch annual cumulative shipments global market share reached31.3%100Inch annual cumulative global market share reached75.8%。The combined market share of Taiwan panel manufacturers Innolux and AU is21%The advantages of Taiwan factory in large-size display panels are gradually losing, and the two companies have also turned to small and medium-sized panels to seek a way out。The combined market share of Japanese and Korean panel factories is11.3%Shipments fell sharply on the same quarter, leaving only Sharp andLG Display(LG) Guangzhou factory continues to support。

From the global consumption trend changes, lookTVMarket growth point。After the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war,Causing a global energy crisis and food crisis,High inflation continues to plague many countries,Although developed countries have used various measures to curb inflation, such as raising interest rates,But the cost of living is increasing,Consumers' real purchasing power has fallen,This has led to many changes in global consumption trends: First,Inflation has a direct impact overseasTVThe long-term needs of the market, especially in Europe,8Euro zoneCPI指数5.2%,Although it is down from the previous month, it is still much higher than before the epidemic2%。Secondly, in the face of the increase in the cost of living, consumers respond by rational consumption and careful budgeting, so they are more cautious about the consumption of non-daily necessities。Finally, the consumption downgrade does exist, taking for example the US market where personal consumption is strong, North AmericaTVRetail growth this year is led by channel brands with obvious cost performance advantages, while there are few major TV brand growth。

Specifically, globallyTVConsumption presents the following characteristics:One is weaker demand for high-end TVS。Reflected in the TV market, TV as a non-necessities of life, market demand is weak, and global TV shipment scale2023The year is expected to decline further, falling back to2Millions of units below, and toOLEDTVSales of high-end TVS, represented by the company, have also suffered setbacks, according to Ovirivo data.20231-7Month, WorldwideOLEDTVQuantity of shipment25010,000 units, down from a year ago21%Shipments in key markets Europe and North America declined more than that20%OLEDAlthough the market has the entry of Samsung brand, in the context of consumption downgrade,OLEDTelevision andLCDTV proximity3.5The price difference is obvious, the market demand is weak, and the annual shipment scale is expected to be insufficient600万台。二是Small investment, great satisfactionThe product meets the current consumer demand and has better growth。Although globallyTVOverall demand andOLEDHigh-end demand has declined, but consumers are more interested inTVThe pursuit of quality is still there,TVIt also exists in the marketLipstick effectConsumers want to harvest high-quality products with relatively small investmentMiniLEDBacklit TVS, super-sized TVS, and game TVS have this feature and are promising for growth。其中MiniLEDIn terms of backlit TVS, Ovicloud's total data shows that,2023In the first half of this year,MiniLEDThe average price of mainstream backlit TV sizes is traditionalLCDTV parity2~2.5,Consumers can use much lessOLEDThe price of TV enjoyed is better than traditionalLCDPicture quality products,MiniLEDDemand for backlit TVS is growing rapidly。Current high-endOLEDTV demand is low, brand manufacturers forMiniLEDExpectations are high this yearMiniLEDNew backlit TVS are coming to market, and Ovirivo predicts,2023worldwideMiniLEDBacklit TV shipments are expected to hit470万台。80+In terms of oversized TVS, according to Ovirivo,2023The first half of the year, worldwide80+Super size shipment20010,000 units, a year-on-year increase50%Annual shipments are expected to reach450Million units, including the first half of the Chinese market80+Shipments accounted for a percentage60%80+The rapid growth of oversized TV shipments, in addition to the panel factory digestion capacity, brand factory profitability considerations, to promote oversized upgrades, but also thanks to the low price of oversized size makes it easier for consumers to reach, Ovey cloud network monitoring data show,202338858698100Inch red rice TV average price respectively47825597998512979In the Yuan, consumers can enjoy the giant screen viewing experience at a low price。In terms of high-brush TV, high-brush TV is more traditionalLCDThe TV has a high premium, while the panel supply side has increased significantly, and the TV has been upgraded to the scene.2022High brush TV worldwide shipments up to2200万台,2023Is expected to reach2400万台

Huaxing photoelectric planJOLEDFactory production line introduced into the country。CINNOKorea e-News (ETNEWS) and other reports,TCLHuaxing is advancing the original JapanJOLEDThe relocation of the factory to China is expected to complete the separation and transfer of equipment by the end of the year, and the factory is expected to be put into operation next year。自自2020Since the year, Huaxing photoelectric toJOLEDinvested200Billion yen (current approx9.8RMB 100 million), acquired the company11%Shares, and has been developing inkjet printing, according to analysis, Hustar Optoelectronics wants to manufacture for TV, display medium and largeOLEDPanel, this withJOLEDThe previous business has overlapped, and Huaxing Optoelectronics is currently manufacturing smart phonesOLED, medium and largeOLEDThere is still a certain gap between the solution of the panel and the advanced level at home and abroad, and through the introduction of the production line, Huaxing Photoelectric can be strengthened in the medium and large scaleOLEDPanel manufacturing on the short board。JOLED20151It began operations in October, integrating SONY and Panasonic organicELDisplay development department, aiming to achieve organicELMass production and commercialization of displays。201911Month, printed organicELThe display mass production line was put into production in the Nengmei factory, mainly producing medium-sized displays for medical use and vehicle use。20233October, JapanOLEDDisplay panel manufacturerJOLEDDeclaring bankruptcy and filing for bankruptcy protection with the Tokyo District Court, the company hopes to recoup some of that by selling assets。