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Us releases final rules for chip Act

China has emerged as the world's largest market for foldable smartphones

Issued by the Chinese Academy of Engineering"China's 14 Major Challenges in Electronic Information Engineering Technology (2023

The four departments issued a document to increase the proportion of R&D expenses deducted by integrated circuit and industrial mother-machine enterprises

Chinese companies accounted for the global market share of automotive screens in the first half of the year45.3%


Us releases final rules for chip Act922The U.S. Department of Commerce officially issued the National Security implementation of the Chip and Science Act"护栏"The final rule (Final National Security Guardrails), approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce4The new rule refines two core provisions of the Chip Act so that it can be implemented。The two core provisions are: prohibitionCHIPSThe recipient of the funds expands its semiconductor manufacturing capacity in foreign countries within ten years;restrictCHIPSRecipients of funds undertake joint research or technology licensing with relevant foreign entities。

First, due to the improvement of efficiency caused by equipment upgrading, the expansion of advanced production capacity is limited to5%。Because TSMC's Nanjing plant is16-28nmThe craftsmanship that Samsung Xi 'an has19nm1x nmThe flash process does have a premium28nmAdvanced technology。The expansion of advanced semiconductor manufacturing capacity is judged by the addition of clean rooms and other physical space。

Second, the expansion of mature production capacity, due to the addition of new clean room space and other measures, so that the expansion of production capacity is limited10%。A notification process will also be established for the expansion of mature process facilities to confirm compliance with safety barriers。28nmThe expansion of the process is limited to10%

These entities are prohibited from producing special chips that are relevant to U.S. national security, including chips used in quantum computing, radiation-intensive environments, and other specialized military capabilities。Radiation-intensive environments include sensitive application scenarios such as space, nuclear energy, and exploration。

4. Allow these entities to communicate withRelated entityConduct joint research and technology licensing that does not affect the national security of the United States。thereinRelated entityIncludes entities on the entity list, research activities such as international standards, patent licensing, etc。

Compared to before the United States unlimited放大The scope of US national security has harmed the legitimate interests of international enterprises, especially those of US enterprises, and squeezed the policy space of the US stock government. Now the US side has to respond relatively rationally to the demands of international enterprises and view the nature of the international market that cannot be truly decouped。

China has emerged as the world's largest market for foldable smartphones近日,Counterpoint Researchreleased2023Global smartphone market research report for the second quarter of this year。报告Show, thoughQuarterly global smartphone shipments declined year over year9%But foldable screen phone市场It is still growing。二Quarterly worldwideFoldable phoneShipment up to210万部, an increase of 10% year-on-year,Continued to show strong and sustained growth动力。In the Chinese market, foldable screen mobile phone shipments increased significantly year-on-year64%,12010,000 units, occupying the world's foldable phones市场高达58.6%Market share ofChina has become the world's largest foldable smartphone market

The outbreak of the domestic folding screen market cannot be separated from the continuous efforts of domestic mobile phone manufacturers。国内Mobile phone manufacturers have introduced more tailored products in the Chinese market,今年In the second quarter, there were five new foldable screens in the domestic market, and only two in the overseas market during the same period华为OPPOvivo continues to introduce new folding mobile phonesIt also enables domestic users to choose more foldable screen models at the fastest speed, resulting in changes and increases in user demand。In addition, domesticSuppliers lead the world in display, hinges, video and camera modules, batteries and fast charge, and advanced sensors。目前生产Foldable phoneMost of the materials and components required can be sourced locally, either from local Chinese suppliers or from the Chinese factories of international suppliers。Amphenol, Precision technology,AVCSome of the world's leading hinge suppliers, such as Kosen Technology, have deployed R&D and manufacturing centers in several cities in China。Domestically matureFolding screen手机Supply chain ecology,promoteReduced cost of core components,Lay the foundation for the growth of the marketfoundation。

In the third quarter of this year,国内Mobile phone manufacturers have released a large number of folding screen mobile phones in China, more than the previous quarter。This move is also sufficient显示Mobile phone manufacturersConfidence in this type of product。With the strong promotion of domestic manufacturers, the competition in the global folding screen mobile phone market may intensify.At the same time, the market size of folding screen mobile phones is also expected to usher in accelerated growth。There is no doubt that in the market competition of this category, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have won the first place, and are gradually dominating the direction of this track。Counterpoint ResearchIt was previously predicted that the market size of domestic foldable screen mobile phones would be in the future3The year will be reached530万台、1000Wanho1700Ten thousand units, the growth rate respectively58%89%70%

2022Shenzhen integrated circuit industry revenue exceeded1600亿元921日,2023China (Shenzhen) Integrated Circuit Summit (hereinafter referred to as“ICS2023峰会Held in Baoan, Shenzhen。会上,Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau Chen literature director2022Development of integrated circuit industry in ShenzhenHave reported

Shenzhen is the country and even the worldThe center of electronic information industry is also the distribution center and design center of China's integrated circuit industryIn recent yearsIntegrated circuitThe industry maintains a rapid development trendThe industrial scale is leading in the country2022Shenzhen integrated circuit industry revenue was1608.9亿元,其中Design revenue was1109100 million yuan, the proportion reached68.5%Design industrial scaleIn the forefront of major cities in the country, while storage modules and sealed test and other fields in the country to establish a leading advantage。2022Shenzhen integrated circuit import金额7012.6One hundred million yuan, accounting for about the whole country25%,出口金额1360.6亿元Accounts for a proportion of the country13.2%。

Shenzhen has rich upstream and downstream resource advantages, outstanding upstream design capabilities, downstream application markets, application scenarios are very wide, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, big data, cloud computing and other emerging applications demand is very strong。In recent years, the Shenzhen Municipal government has continuously improved the policies related to the integrated circuit industry.20226The Shenzhen Municipal Government issued the Opinions on the Development and Expansion of Strategic Emerging Industrial Clusters and the Cultivation and Development of Future Industries, which regard the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry as"20+8The key direction of important industries and urban development forms a spatial development layout of "eastern silicon-based, western compound, and central design" in the city。Shenzhen's integrated circuit industry ecology has been continuously improved, and high-quality enterprises have grown rapidly.A number of leading backbone enterprises have performed well。截至2022By the end of the year, Shenzhen had a total587An integrated circuit company, an increase over the previous year69Home, whereICBe designed as390Home to wafer manufacturing7Home, where3The home has been put into production。Closed test enterprise70Home, equipment business79Home, materials business41家。2022New specialized small giant enterprises were added in the city28Home, listed enterprises10Home, in the first half of this year, a new specialized small giant enterprise was added27Home, listed companies are2家。

Issued by the Chinese Academy of EngineeringChina Electronic Information Engineering Technology 14 challenges (2023)。925The Information and Electronics Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the China Information and Electronic Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Center were simultaneously released in Beijing and Hong KongChina's electronic Information Engineering technology development fourteen technical challenges (2023。The challenge is as follows: First, the digital field。We will fully implement the Overall Layout Plan for the Development of Digital China“2522”The overall framework layout, that is, consolidating the digital infrastructure and data resource systemTwo foundationsPromote digital technology and the construction of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilizationFive in oneDeep integration, strengthening the digital technology innovation system and digital security barrierTwo capabilitiesOptimize digital development at home and abroadTwo environmentsIt is urgent to solve a series of key core technical challenges。Ii. Informatization。The rising tide of information technology, characterized by digitalization, networking, intelligence and unmanned technology, is comprehensively empowering human production and life, and profoundly changing the global economic, cultural, security and competition landscape。How to organize and utilize domestic and foreign superior scientific and technological forces, build a new national system for high-quality development, adhere to the general policy of innovation and leapfrog, establish a digital ecological environment with Chinese characteristics, and ensure that core capabilities are independent, controllable, advanced and reliable are important challenges facing this field。Three, microelectronic optoelectronics。Digital chip3nmThe process has been mass produced and continues to be2nm1nmAdvancing, but increasingly approaching physical and technological limits。Three-dimensional integration,Chiplet2.5D/3DPackaging has become an important development direction, diversified system integration, and the exploration of new devices, new structures, and new materials has been deepened。Optical module speed directionTb/s演进。Silicon-based optoelectronic fusion has become an important path, and China faces important challenges in microelectronics and optoelectronic advanced manufacturing capabilities and integrated chip design。4. Optical Engineering。Under the background of traditional optical engineering approaching the technical limit, time, space and frequency multi-dimensional vector field control is the key to break through the bottleneck of optical information and energy transmission。How to realize the intelligent and accurate regulation of cross-scale vector light field, the development of efficient digital optical devices and systems, the new imaging and sensing for real-time and accurate health assessment, the breakthrough of low-power and highly integrated photons and efficient green energy photons, and the autonomous control of core optical components for strategic autonomy are facing important challenges。5. Measurement and instruments。The construction of a new generation of national measurement system and instrument industry system has been started,The key measurement technology in important scenarios needs to be broken through,In particular, the ultra-precision measurement and instrument technology in the research and development and manufacturing of high-precision equipment represented by ultra-precision lithography machines, high-end aviation engines and high-end industrial mother-machines needs to be the first breakthrough,The ability of manufacturing quality control needs to be improved.New forms of precision instruments and sensing technologies that support digital, networked and intelligent measurement will face important challenges。6. Network and communication。In the context of the Internet, people and things, network communication is deeply integrated with big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies,Meet the needs of the whole industry, huge capacity, large connection, strong computing power, strong intelligence, full coverage, high reliability, high security, low cost, green energy saving,New network theory and technical architecture, increasing transmission capability under increasing physical limits, core devices and devices, and computing power networks are important challenges in this field。6GFor more complex and diverse application scenarios such as the integration of comprehensive sensing computing networks and the integration of heaven and earth, there are important challenges such as breakthroughs in application basic theories and innovation in technological development paradigms。In addition to the above six challenges, there are eight challenges, including cybersecurity, electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic environmental effects, control, cognition, computer systems and software, computer applications, Marine network information systems, and responding to major emergencies。

The four departments issued a document to increase the proportion of R&D expenses deducted by integrated circuit and industrial mother-machine enterprises。Scientific and technological innovation has become the most important engine for the high-quality development of China's economy, and the state's support for integrated circuits and high-end manufacturing has continued to strengthen。近日,The Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Announcement on Increasing the Proportion of R&D Expenses Deducted by Integrated Circuit and Industrial mother-machine Enterprises,The actual R&D expenses incurred in R&D activities of IC enterprises and industrial mother-machine enterprises are put forward clearly,Non-formed intangible assets are included in current profit or loss,On the basis of actual deductions in accordance with regulations,在202311日至20271231During the period, and then according to the actual amount120%Deduct before tax;Where intangible assets are formed, the cost of intangible assets shall be applied during the above-mentioned period220%Amortization before tax。In fact, research and development costs are deducted from the percentage2018年由50%Upgrade to75%Then, after several adjustments to the latest120%。In recent years, the state tax preferential policies have continued to strengthen。20213In October, the two departments issued the "Announcement on Further Improving the Policy of pre-tax Deduction of R&D Expenses", and the proportion of R&D expenses deducted by manufacturing enterprises was increased to100%20229In October, the three departments issued the Announcement on Increasing the pre-tax Deduction of Support for Scientific and Technological Innovation, and proposed two preferential tax policies to support scientific and technological innovation enterprises。This preferential tax policy continues the general policy of The State Council in recent years to reduce taxes and fees and help enterprises rescue, further promote the high-quality development of the integrated circuit industry and industrial mother-machine industry, significantly reduce the tax burden of high research and development enterprises, and press for enterprises to accelerate research and development and innovationFast forward,注入cardiotonic

Chinese companies accounted for the global market share of automotive screens in the first half of the year45.3%925Today, market research agencyOmdiaReleased a report, the report said that in the first half of this year, Chinese enterprises have become the top suppliers of the car screen market, a total of occupied45.3%市场份额。After dominating the TV and smartphone screen markets, Chinese companies are expanding their dominance in the automotive screen industry。

Ten years ago, Chinese companies accounted for the global market share of car screens7.1%Since then, with the trend of gradual intellectualization and networking of automobiles, the market share has shown a straight upward trend, and Chinese enterprises are in the market2020-2022The year respectively won35.3%41.7%46.0%Market share of。Specifically, BOE,Au Optronics,天马Domestic manufacturers have contributed the most to achieving growth of this scale,Global marketOf SharesAnd more than40%, ranked top five suppliers to me