The "Party Building leads science and technology first, Exploring a new model of smart Party building" exchange event was successfully held

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2023年1011日,由Organized by Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association"Party building leads science and technology first, exploring a new model of smart Party building"The event was successfully held in Guangzhou International Media Port。Cheng Zhipeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Science and Technology Association and researcher of the municipal management of Guangzhou Science and Technology Association,Guangdong electronic information Industry Association Party branch secretary, secretary-general Xu Xiaomin,China Broadcasting Guangzhou Network Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China Broadcasting Guangzhou Company") Party branch secretary, vice President Huang Shiyun and other leaders attended the event and delivered a speech。Guangzhou Science and technology Association Party Committee, my association Party branch and a number of enterprise party branch comrades nearly 50 people participated in this activity。

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During the event, the participants visited the Radio and television broadcasting control Center to understand the industry honor, corporate culture, development history and other content of China's radio and television, and listened to the integrated resource command platformTV screen of broadcast control center, emergency broadcast platform,The detailed introduction of 5G base station provides an intuitive three-dimensional experience of intelligent party buildingSmart medical, smart hotel,New business such as 5G industry vertical application。

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       Comrade Cheng Zhipeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Science and Technology Association and a researcher of the municipal management of Guangzhou Science and Technology Association, first made a speech for this event and put forward new requirements in the face of new situations, new tasks and new requirements.Actively adapt to the new situation in the information age and new changes in the ranks of Party members, actively use the Internet, big data and other emerging technologies, innovate the content of Party organization activities, and promote"Smart Party building"Effectively stimulate the endogenous power of the party organization of science and technology enterprises and the vitality of enterprise development, and open up an important platform for the development of new machines for science and technology societies and enterprises。   

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Comrade Xu Xiaomin, Secretary of the Party branch of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, mentioned in his speech,Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association as a member of Guangdong Science and technology association,It is the bridge and link between the government and enterprises of the electronic information industry chain in the province,By holding this exchange activity,With the help of the party building and joint construction and industrial chain cohesion of the majestic force,Let the participants can dig out a more efficient and valuable cooperation model。

Guangdong Electronic information Industry Association Party branch secretary, Secretary-General Xu Xiaomin speech

China Radio and television Guangzhou company Party branch secretary Huang Shiyun speech mentioned,China Radio and Television Guangzhou Company is a provincial subsidiary of China Radio and Television Network Co., LTD., the fourth largest basic telecom operator,For the general public and enterprises and institutions to provide high-definition interactive TV, Internet broadband access, mobile communication services, radio and television cloud, smart radio and television and other comprehensive cross-platform services,It is hoped that through this joint party building activity,Deepen the understanding of upstream and downstream enterprises,Enhance cooperation and promote the common development of industrial chain through party building。

China Radio and Television Guangzhou Company Party branch secretary, vice president Huang Shiyun speech

       China Radio and Television Guangzhou companyZhou Wei, Director of Government and Enterprise Division, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area(Nansha) social organization cooperation innovation base head Ni Fangfang respectivelyWe shared and exchanged ideas on the rural revitalization platform of the new model of smart radio and television public service and the innovative content of cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao social organizations in the Bay Area。In the interactive exchange session, the participants exchanged their party building and business development, and actively promoted the interaction of party organizations in the industrial chain, resource sharing, and complementary advantages。

Zhou Wei, director of the government and enterprise division of China Broadcasting and Television Guangzhou Company, shared the theme

Guangdong-hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area(Nansha) Social organization cooperation innovation base director Ni Fangfang as the theme sharing

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本次"Party building leads science and technology first, exploring a new model of smart Party building"Exchange activityThrough the organization of joint construction, win-win cooperation and other measures to build the partyThe "ecosystem" strings together the "innovation chain", "science and technology chain", and "service chain", transforming organizational advantages into development advantages, leading science and technology with Party building, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and helping science and technology enterprises develop with high quality。