ChipS & SemiconS Dongguan International Chip and Semiconductor Industry Expo

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       In the 14th Five-Year Plan of the State, it is clearly proposed to increase the development of integrated circuits, semiconductors and chip industries。In the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the high-quality development of Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province, the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry has attracted much attention as the first cluster of strategic emerging industrial clusters。

       Dongguan, as the key town of China's electronics industry, also has the second third-generation semiconductor industry base in the country, and is the most important electronic information manufacturing base in the country and even the world。In the layout of the new generation of electronic information, semiconductor and integrated circuit industrial clusters in the "Planning", Dongguan is listed as a core city and a key city。

Dongguan - an important base for the global electronics industry

• Adjacent to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it is an important node of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Corridor。

       Compared with Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Dongguan has sufficient industrial land, attracting many excellent electronic manufacturing enterprises to settle in Dongguan, and driving the entire electronic manufacturing industry upstream and downstream enterprises to flourish in Dongguan。Huawei, ZTE, oppo, vivo, BYD, Southern Power Grid, CSR, DJI and a number of terminal manufacturers with important influence in the world have provided rich downstream application scenarios for the development of third-generation semiconductors in Dongguan。

• Solid foundation of electronic manufacturing industry, with a complete and large-scale electronic information industry cluster。

       Dongguan ranks first in the number of industrial enterprises above designated size in the province. By the end of 2020, the number of industrial enterprises above designated size in Dongguan will be 10,861, 550 more than Shenzhen, 3,134 more than Foshan and 4,987 more than Guangzhou。There are 2,124 high-tech manufacturing enterprises above designated size in Dongguan。

Big name buyers gathered

2022Annual forecast excess5Million buyers, strong and strong together to create a professional platform for industry exchange and interaction

       Exhibition and CMM electronic manufacturing automation&Resource Fair, IIOTC Industrial Internet of Things&The Industrial Automation Exhibition was held at the same time to share professional buyers in the industry and jointly create a platform for exchange and discussion, supply and demand procurement in the electronics manufacturing industry, industrial Internet of Things and chip semiconductor industry。Chip semiconductor and electronic manufacturing upstream and downstream enterprises all visited the exhibition。

      Chip semiconductors and electronic semiconductors are key projects in the industrial planning of Guangdong Province and Dongguan City。In terms of policy, the exhibition is included in Shenzhen's "key economic and trade science and technology exhibition", and enterprises in Shenzhen area participating in the exhibition can obtain corresponding exhibition subsidies。
(* The specific subsidy policy is subject to the official website of "Shenzhen SME Service Bureau")
Digital - online and offline simultaneous display, enabling the international development of enterprises

Data composition of buyers in 2021

Chip semiconductor and point Manufacturing Development Forum

       On May 18, 2021, hosted by Dongguan City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Singapore SingEx-Sphere Exhibition Company, World Exhibition and New Exhibition Joint Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., LTD and Dongguan Huizhixie Exhibition Co., LTD "Brave Core" - Chip Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Development ForumDongguan Houjie Modern International Exhibition CenterHall 3 was successfully held。

       The forum discussed issues such as semiconductors and 5G Internet in China,And invited to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology five institute of electronics, chip semiconductor, Bada Semiconductor, Unicom, Huawei, Microsoft, Ailing Network and other well-known enterprises to attend the speech,Analyze the current technology situation through leading companies and industry experts,Share experiences and perspectives,Discuss with upstream and downstream enterprises of chip design, manufacturing, application and other industries: How to solve China's "core" disease,We will enhance our capacity for independent innovation,Break through the problems of key core technologies as soon as possible to promote the industrial chain to promote the development of China's chip semiconductor industry。

Exhibition overview

Exhibition Name:Dongguan International Chip and Semiconductor Industry Expo

Held in the same period:CMM Electronic Manufacturing Automation&Resource fairIIOTCIndustrial Internet of Things&Industrial automation show

Exhibition Date:20225月18-20日

Exhibition venue:东莞· Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

Organizer:(Singapore) Star Field Exhibition Co., LTD

World Exhibition and new exhibition joint exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., LTD   

Dongguan Huizhixie Exhibition Co., LTD

Co-sponsored by:Dongguan electronic information Industry Association

Organizer:World Exhibition and new exhibition joint exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., LTD   

Dongguan Huizhixie Exhibition Co., LTD

Joint undertaking:Dongguan Yingfei Exhibition Co., LTD

Support unit:

Guangdong Department of Commerce, Dongguan Bureau of Commerce, Dongguan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Dongguan International Chamber of Commerce,

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI)

Singapore VIRTUS Integrated Circuit Design Center of Excellence, Zhuhai Southern Integrated Circuit Design Service Center

Guangdong Integrated Circuit Industry Association, Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Industry Association

Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, Guangdong Lighting Electrical Appliance Association,

Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Association, Zhuhai Technology Innovation Promotion Association



50Ten thousand industry visitors database, professional terminal buyers and upstream and downstream buyers

       Terminal buyers by thousands of electronic companies in the form of a group to visit the exhibition procurement,Including: Goertek, Lishun, Huabei, Pu, Gree, Midea, Huawei, TCL, Foxconn, VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Gree, Apple, BYD, Skyworth, iFlytek, ZTE, Hikvision and other industry leaders。

Close industry One of the organizers is made up of electronics manufacturing companies that understand the pain points of industry demand

      The organizer Huizhixie exhibition is composed of electronic manufacturing enterprises, understand the industry needs and pain points of electronic manufacturing industry, and accurately and effectively match exhibitors and buyers。Thanks to good buyer docking, more than 70% of repeat exhibitors for five consecutive years。

Internationalisation - Singapore's introduction of the world's leading chip semiconductor industry resources

       The organiser (Singapore) is the leading MICE group in Asia,Singapore is known as the Silicon Island of the East,Its semiconductor industry has formed a mature industrial ecological environment,The organizer will fully access the international resources of the industry,Including the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association and others,Greatly enhance the internationalization of the exhibition。

Authority - government support, policy support

      Through online electricity "business" city, global synchronous online live broadcast, overseas buyers online matchmaking meeting and other forms, empower offline exhibitions。The combination of online and offline, through the form of digital, for exhibitors to open up broader sales channels, enhance international visibility, and share the industry flow dividend of 100 million。

Marketing Matrix - Multi-dimensional interactive promotion to get millions of exposure

      Through more than 100 media joint release, multiple online platform coverage promotion, database buyers omni-channel accurate invitation and other marketing methods, to obtain huge traffic, help exhibitors accurately connect with the industry crowd。

Range of exhibits