The ITC issued Part 337 final ruling and termination of investigation on mobile and portable electronic devices (including smartphones and laptops) and their components using haptic feedback technology and mobile devices with touch capabilities (including smartphones and smartwatches) and their similar components

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2On March 15th, 018,美国International Trade Commission (ITC)公告称,对特定采用触觉反馈技术的移动和便携式电子设备(包括智能手机和笔记本)及其元件和具有触控功能的移动设备(包括智能手机和智能手表)及其同类组件(Certain Mobile And Portable Electronic Devices Incorporating Haptics (Including Smartphones And Laptops) And Components Thereof,337-TA-1004 and 337-TA-990) were merged337调查部分终裁: Preliminary ruling of the Administrative Judge on 16 February 2018 (Order No. 75) No review, joint motion approved in accordance with the settlement agreement, the investigation of the case is terminated。