Zhongtong Service Construction Co., LTD

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      Zhongtong Service Construction Co., LTD. (formerly Guangdong Telecom Engineering Co., LTD.) was founded in1950It is a subsidiary of China Telecom Group (China Communications Services).HK0552) under the integrated large enterprises。The company has been established so far70Revenue from operations currently exceeds70亿元。Since its establishment, it has always stood at the forefront of China's information industry construction, and is one of the most powerful information service providers in China。

      Registered capital of company5.5One hundred million yuan, under jurisdiction32Home branch (including provincial branch), with all kinds of management, technical personnel3000He is a member of China Communication Enterprise Association, China Construction Enterprise Management Association, Guangdong Communication Industry Association, Guangdong Communication Society, Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association and other organizations。

      During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the company closely followed the pace of deepening reform of central enterprises, based on the information industry, promoted cross-border operations, and provided comprehensive integrated intelligent services for customers in the Party, government and military, telecommunications, electricity, water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, mechanical and electrical, civil construction and other industries。

      Facing the "14th Five-Year Plan", the company will strive to create a truly top-level qualification and "consulting design.+EPCProject management+Software development+Operation and maintenanceA first-class engineering company with integrated capabilities, we strive to become the first professional company with a scale of 10 billion in China's general service, and at the same time become China's general service to impact the world500The core strength of a strong purpose。