Guangdong Yangcheng Industrial development Co., LTD

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       Guangdong Yangcheng Industrial Development Co., LTD. (referred to as "Yangcheng Industrial"), was established in202005October, sat in Guangzhou "goat city" Huangpu District。Yangcheng Industry is a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise integrating real estate investment, construction, development and investment promotion,It mainly focuses on real estate development and management and urban renewal,Combined with real estate science and technology industrial park, cultural industrial park, new media industrial park, airport development area, automobile industrial park investment and development, land registration agency services, housing leasing, demolition services, real estate information consulting and valuation services, housing construction engineering construction, property management, engineering construction, municipal public works construction, building demolition, earthwork engineering services, construction laborEconomic and industrial companies that invest in diversified projects such as business dispatch。

       The company has accumulated rich experience in market investment and has the ability to develop large and medium-sized projects。With a very valuable platform, there are more than a dozen high-quality project resources of 10 billion pre-development, management, Guangzhou local has participated in the construction and development7Three old renovation projects and4An old factory renovation project。