Guangzhou three foot information Technology Co., LTD

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       Guangzhou Three foot Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in2014Year, the company independently developed:BPM, rapid development platform,RPAProducts such as robot process automation, based on the capabilities of wechat and enterprise wechat ecology (such as public accounts, small programs, wechat payment, red envelopes, card coupons, enterprise wechat, etc.), combined with artificial intelligence, big data, automation and other technologies, for enterprises to achieve digital construction and industrial empowerment。

       Internal technical research and development member60+People, implement delivery members15+People, business and pre-sales personnel10+People;The average educational level of all employees of the company is above bachelor's degree;Have a domestic reputationITAnd Internet enterprise research and development experience。Strong technical team, from the enterprise development strategy and system top-level design, to provide professional consulting planning solutions。It integrates cutting-edge development language and framework, artificial intelligence technology, hardware combination and other technologies and solutions, and has a sound project management and promotion strategy and technology and data security protection mechanism。At the same time, the professional implementation team provides customers with implementation, training, document support, after-sales service and other comprehensive service support。

       At the same time, Sanchi Technology has become a high-tech enterprise and high-tech warehousing enterprise in 2016, with 12 patents and 25 Copyrights for self-developed product software。Every year, the investment in technology research and development has grown exponentially, and we continue to introduce excellent technical and management talents to maintain a leading position in the industry。