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Dongguan Yihao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in smart city, intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings, large-scale security system research and development, design, construction and operation and maintenance of national high-tech enterprises,Since its establishment in 2008,After years of hard work,It has now become one of the well-known enterprises with the highest qualification level and the most complete category in the security industry in Dongguan。

The company has been focusing on the development of large-scale security software platforms, and has obtained a number of patents and software Copyrights。The company's independent research and development of "Yihao digital urban public security Integrated management platform", "GIS intelligent transportation integrated Management platform", "video surveillance management platform" has passed the Ministry of Public Security GB/T28181-2011 and GB/T25724-2010 (SVAC) testing,And successfully applied to public security, traffic police and other fields,Get the customer's praise,Has been awarded the "Guangdong Province excellent security enterprise", "Guangdong Province safe city Construction special Contribution Award", "2016 China's top 100 security contractors" and other honorary titles。At the same time, the company's scientific research achievements have also been funded and encouraged by Dongguan City science and Technology innovation Fund and Guangdong Province。

The company has many engineering cases in the fields of smart city, intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings, campus security, major hazards, and has rich industry experience and strong technical team。

With the increasing threat of crime and global terrorism, the demand for high-quality, multi-functional security products is also growing rapidly。Traditional security products can not meet the demand, the society needs more stable and reliable, more intelligent security products。

Yihao Electronics is committed to providing smart city industry users with advanced overall solutions, technology application services, data operation services, the functions and characteristics of its products will allow your security system to reach an unprecedented level...