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"Yougu Reading Booth" is an independent brand of Guangzhou Yougu Information Technology Co., Ltd. that focuses on the design, development and operation of "audio digital space". It was founded in 2012, lasted 4 years of research and development, and was officially released in 2016。It is the pioneer and leader of the category of "reading pavilion"。Products and technology lead the development of the industry, serving more than 36 million reading lovers around the world, products throughout 256 cities in 33 provincial administrative regions, covering 30 industries, sales of the first in the country。

At present, Yougu Reading booth has 59 patents, 29 domestic and international certifications, and is the only reading booth product with complete independent intellectual property rights in China。是中共中央党校、国家教育行政学院、中国国家图书馆、毛泽东图书馆、邓小平图书馆、中共一大会址、深圳图书馆、杭州图书馆、清华大学、中国人民大学、中国传媒大学、南开大学、北京大兴机场、杭州萧山机场等机构的选择。At the same time, as the preferred reading series products of the national top 100 primary and secondary schools, Yougu Reading Pavilion has been settled in Hengshui Middle School, Zhongxun Middle School, Beijing 101 Middle School, Beijing Second Experimental Primary School, Renmin University of China affiliated primary School, Changsha Experimental Primary School and other thousands of primary and secondary schools。

In 2019, Yougu created an overall solution of sound space and sound culture, aiming to improve users' language expression ability, enrich the cultural life of the masses, and enhance the cultural literacy of the whole people。The solution integrates new technologies such as 5G, AI Internet of Things and intelligent hardware, and integrates a series of products such as Yougu's reading cloud platform, sound wall, event stage, reading machine, and reading classroom。We provide a full range of services for the production and creation of audio content, the collection and display of original audio works, the online operation and publicity of reading events, the collection and review of offline events, the display and publicity of characteristic culture, the dissemination and interaction of cultural activities, and the statistics and analysis of big data of activities。It is widely used in the construction of academic campus, the promotion of urban and rural sound culture, the laying of party and group sound stations, libraries and cultural centers and other industries。

"Excellent Valley Reading Booth" has won many awards,The 2018 "423 World Book Day" was reported by CCTV News channel, an exclusive interview by China Daily on September 3, 2018, and was featured on the front page of Tianjin Daily on September 12, 2018,It has received continuous attention and reports from many mainstream media such as Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Guangzhou Daily, Shanxi Daily, People's Daily, Xinhua Net, etc。

In 2018, Yougu was invited by the Ministry of Culture to participate in the third Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, the 11th China-Japan-South Korea Cultural Industry Forum, the 28th National Book Trade Expo and other high-level meetings organized by the government。In 2019, it was invited to participate in the Sixth China-Russia Expo and the 30th Harbin Fair in 2019, and the 2019 Confucius Institution-Global Conference on Chinese Language Education, stepping on the international stage, so that foreigners can easily learn Chinese。And by the People's Daily, CRI International Online, China macro Net, Heilongjiang Daily, Shenzhen News Network and other related media coverage。

In 2020, Yougu joint media new CCTV central video held the "National C Advertisement" reading activity, and achieved good social effects。The appeal, communication and influence of Yougu's reading were approved by CCTV's senior leaders。During the Spring Festival, we faced a severe pneumonia epidemic,Yougu Reading Pavilion initiated and provided technical platform support,In conjunction with Guangdong Provincial Zhongshan Library, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Library, Sichuan Provincial Cultural Center, National Institute of Education Administration, Communication University of China, University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other more than 300 cultural and educational institutions across the country to carry out the "support for love - tribute to the rebellious" activities,Pay tribute to the rebels in the war with their voices,At the same time, tens of thousands of online learning resources such as synchronous demonstration audio of primary and secondary school Chinese textbooks and demonstration audio of famous artists are free of charge,Let the students preview the new semester text at home,Leading the new semester!

"Reading aloud" is the sound of national rejuvenation and cultural power,The "Reading booth" is a link between the media, the audience and the national reading strategy,It is the offline entrance of national reading,"Yougu Information" will not live up to the historical opportunities generously given to us by The Times,It is hoped that through the advanced technology and high quality service of Yougu reading pavilion,For the "13th Five-Year Plan" national reading into the thousands of our modest efforts,To build a "learning China" to make our due contributions。