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Broadcasting Express was founded in 1999,It is a state-owned high-tech listed enterprise (stock code :002152),The main business covers intelligent finance, public security, transportation, government affairs, large cultural tourism, new retail and education,To provide global customers with competitive intelligent terminals, operation services and big data solutions,We are committed to becoming the leading industry AI solution provider。

The company started from the domestic bank ATM market,After more than 20 years of development,The technology system has evolved from a single "banknote recognition" to "multimodal identification".,The core algorithms cover image recognition, face recognition, finger vein recognition, palmar vein recognition, behavior analysis and other technical fields,To become a leading enterprise in the industry integrating intelligent terminal research and development, manufacturing, operation and service。

With the rise of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution, Broadcasting and Television has taken the initiative to change, comprehensively layout the four artificial intelligence elements of scene, data, algorithm and computing power, and upgrade traditional industries with technology in the fields of intelligent finance, intelligent transportation, intelligent security, and intelligent convenience。At the same time, with the aiCore System big data platform as the core, the path of "intelligent terminal + big data" to achieve a closed loop of value, and build an AIoT ecology of the interconnection of everything。

In the area of smart finance,Financial intelligent terminal equipment in the global distribution of more than 330,000 units, as the bank "front desk" financial technology leader, fully enable the intelligent upgrade of bank outlets, has created the country's first "unmanned bank" and other benchmarking projects。At the same time, the company provides electronic Treasury payment solutions for 60% of the financial funds of the Chinese government, and the market share of electronic financial payment applications is 98%。

In the field of intelligent transportation,The company's intelligent ticket sales terminal products and system software platform have been widely used in more than 100 subway, high-speed rail and airport flight lines in more than 30 cities in China。The company actively promotes smart travel, has landed a number of innovation scenes such as "code on the ride", brush face through the gate, smart security check, and successfully built the country's first smart metro demonstration station with Guangzhou Metro。

In the field of smart security,It has built comprehensive solutions for safe cities such as smart new police, smart parks and smart security zones in 29 provinces and autonomous regions across the country,Successful construction of Shenzhen Longgang District Xueliang Project, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Longgang Branch intelligent police cloud platform, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau face recognition big data platform and other benchmarking model projects in the industry。At the same time, it plays the bridgehead role of its more than 30 cash outsourcing and armed escort subsidiaries across the country, deeply promotes the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of security operations, and is committed to becoming a backbone provider of smart city public security。

In the field of smart convenience,Using the advantages of technology + service innovation and integration, the company has successfully developed platforms such as Internet services and intelligent retail operations, and built an online convenience service cloud platform and an offline convenience service ecosystem。At present, it has established a centralized intelligent equipment monitoring and dispatching command center (AOC), nearly a thousand service stations, and has a team of more than 60,000 network certified engineers, and the service network has sunk to the county level。The company continues to extend and expand by taking advantage of its service advantages, and has deployed nearly 10,000 smart retail terminals in 400 cities across the country, with nearly 100 cooperative operators and suppliers。At the same time, the intelligent ticketing system software and terminal products independently developed by the company are applied to cultural tourism and other industries, and a number of benchmarking projects with brand influence such as Chimelong Group, Kweichow Moutai Ancient Town, Jinyi Cinema Line have been created。

In the overseas market,The company has established 9 global branches, and its products and services have entered more than 80 countries and regions around the world。At the same time, the company's excellent solutions such as smart banking outlets in the domestic market have been continuously promoted to overseas markets, which has helped the rapid upgrade of intelligent financial services in Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand and other countries and regions。

Broadcasting Yuntong has always adhered to the strategy of independent scientific and technological innovation,A research and development organization system of "Expert Committee + General Research Institute + Professional Research Institute" has been established,Led by academicians,Including doctors, masters, including nearly 2,000 professional research and development team,For many consecutive years, the average annual R&D investment accounted for more than 8% of the operating income。It has set up research and development institutions such as national enterprise technology Center and national Industrial design center, post-doctoral research workstation, National CNAS certification Laboratory, National Engineering Laboratory for Urban Rail Transit System Safety and Operation and Maintenance, and National and local Joint Engineering Research Center for Financial Intelligent Terminal System Safety Technology。At present, the company has more than 1,700 effectively authorized patents, leading, participating in the formulation or revision of more than 20 national standards, including the first to complete the layout of all mainstream national biometric identification standards in China, and leading the first financial standard in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area。

Facing a new wave of scientific and technological revolution,Broadcasting Express will continue to focus on the main business of finance,At the same time, it rapidly expands the industrial increment of artificial intelligence,Build intelligent applications and scenarios for customers in various fields,Committed to becoming a leading artificial intelligence full stack service provider,Make urban life smarter, safer and more convenient;Further emancipate the mind, reform and innovation,We will encourage state-owned enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger,Conscientiously fulfill political, economic and social responsibilities,Continuously create value for the country, users, partners, investors and employees。