Broadcasting metrology Shenzhen Stock Exchange rang the bell: from the old state-owned enterprise internal laboratory to the state-owned measurement and testing institutions market reform example

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2019年118Guangzhou Radio Measurement and Testing Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Radio Measurement"), a core member of Guangzhou Radio Group, was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Radio Measurement, stock code:002967), the issue price is7.43/Shares, the total amount of funds raised is61,423.81万元。

Radio and television measurement is the internal laboratory of Guangzhou Radio Group - the former Guangzhou Radio Power Plant (State-owned 750th Factory), adhering to Guangzhou Radio Group63Years of professional history, through institutional and mechanism innovation, driving technological innovation, continued to maintain more than ten years of rapid development。As a state-owned measurement and testing institution that completed the market-oriented reform earlier in China, radio and television measurement successfully landed this timeAThe stock market has become the successor to Broadcasting Express (002152), Hagrid Communications (002465After that, Guangzhou Radio Group independently cultivated the thirdAShares listed companies, but also Guangzhou state assets system2019Listed the first share,This will undoubtedly add another member to the leading team of China's inspection and testing industry, and also inject new strength into the current promotion of "high-quality development" and the construction of "quality power"。

Chen Zhiying, Executive Vice Mayor of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government,Chen Haodian, Party Secretary and director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government,Luo Junfu, member of the Party Committee and chief economist of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government,Huang Kaixuan, Standing Committee member of Tianhe District Committee, Guangzhou,Chen Ping, deputy inspector of Guangzhou Local Financial Supervision Administration,Pan Jianyun, business director of Everbright Securities Co,Guangzhou Radio Group Party secretary, chairman Yang Haizhou,Huang Yuezhen, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Chairman, General Manager of Guangzhou Radio Group, Chairman of Guangzhou Radio and Television Measurement and Testing Co., LTD,Huang Dunpeng, Party Secretary and general manager of Guangzhou Radio and Television Measurement and Testing Co., LTD., and other leaders and guests,Customers and partners, journalists, staff representatives200People attended the listing ceremony and witnessed this historic moment together。

From left 1 to left 4: Huang Yuezhen, Huang Dunpeng, Chen Haodian, Chen Zhiying jointly for radio and television measurementAThe bell rings for the opening of stock trading

Guests to witness the broadcast measurement bell listing

In his speech, Huang Yuezhen thanked the government regulatory authorities, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, investors from all walks of life, intermediaries and customers for their strong support, and said: The successful listing of Radio and television Metrometer marks that the company has boarded the stage of China's capital market, stepped on a new development platform, and opened up a broader space for development。I believe that with the help and support of regulators, sponsors, investors, news media and other sectors of society,The company will further improve its governance system,Strengthen strategic management,Optimize operation,Enhance brand value,Achieve high-quality development,To give back to society, shareholders and investors with better performance。

Huang Yuezhen delivered a speech

Huang Yuezhen signed the securities listing agreement with Shenzhen Stock Exchange on behalf of Radio and Television Metrology

Huang Yuezhen presented souvenirs to each other on behalf of Radio and Television Metrology and Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The public prospectus shows that the raised funds will be mainly used for regional testing laboratory network expansion, research institute construction and supplementary working capital, focusing on aerospace, satellite navigation, rail transit, new energy vehicles, environmental protection and a number of national "13th Five-Year Plan" and "Made in China.2025The strategic focus on the development of strategic emerging industry areas, so that the company's existing business scale and comprehensive strength to a new level, consolidate and enhance the company's market position in the inspection and testing service industry。

According to reports, radio and television measurement is the internal laboratory of Guangzhou Radio Group - the former Guangzhou Radio Power Plant (state-owned 750th Factory).2002After more than 10 years of hard work and reform and innovation, the company has developed from an internal laboratory of an old state-owned enterprise to a well-known third-party measurement and testing institution, and its annual operating income has been insufficient since the beginning300Million yuan developed to date more than12100 million yuan, maintained for more than ten years40%The above growth in staff size from inception9Grow to4000Many people, the scope of service from Guangzhou to expand to the whole country, and actively fulfill the mission and responsibility of state-owned enterprises, has become a successful model of reform and innovation of state-owned inspection and testing institutions。

"As the third radio group self-cultivatedAThe high-quality development of radio and television measurement is also a good example of Radio Group's adherence to institutional innovation and innovation-driven。Yang Haizhou said。"For enterprises, innovation is reflected in many aspects of system, technology, operation and management, among which institutional innovation is the source of power to promote the development of enterprises.。Radio and television measurement from the early reform of market-oriented operation, to the implementation of mixed reform, to the completion of shareholding reform, and nowAThe successful listing of the stock can be said to be the result of the innovation of the market system and mechanism。”

It is the innovation of the system and mechanism that has successively released dividends, so that radio and television metrology can achieve curved overtaking and enter the fast lane of high-quality development。"The innovation of the system and mechanism of radio and television measurement keeps up with the pace of the reform era and resonates with the deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, especially in the period of the current national reform of inspection and testing certification bodies, hoping to provide useful reference for the institutional reform of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province and even the whole country.。He further said, "It can be expected that Guangzhou Radio Group will rely on the existing institutional mechanism innovation platform, and continue to incubate and cultivate the operation of the fourth, fifth and even more listed companies.。”


"One-stop shop"+"Integration" Build the core competitiveness of the enterprise

2002Only a single metering calibration service is available,Expand to reliability and environmental testing, component screening and failure analysis, electromagnetic compatibility testing, chemical analysis, food testing, environmental protection testing, product certification, software life cycle quality management consulting, quality inspection industry information system development, consulting and training, measurement and control equipment research and development and other professional technical services,Radio and television measurement in more than a decade of continuous reform and innovation,It has explored and walked out of a road of characteristic development,Build up The "one-stop" technical service model greatly optimizes the customer service experience。At the same time in the country built20Multiple measurement testing bases and50A number of molecular companies, to create a national "integrated" control system, through strict internal quality control, build a clean self-discipline bottom line, to provide customers around the fast and thoughtful measurement and testing services, won the recognition of the market。

"' One-stop 'technical service is our professional service model to keep up with market demand。"Huang Dunpeng introduced。Take the automotive industry as an example, a car has tens of thousands of parts, and the testing standards and experimental requirements of each product are not the same。In the past, parts suppliers needed to send samples to different institutions one by one for testing, and the workload was very large and the cost was high。However, under the "one-stop" technical service mode, enterprises only need to send samples once, and they can complete chemical analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental reliability and other related tests in radio and television metering。"By reducing the time and labor costs in the process of sample delivery, testing, and communication, Radio and television measurement helps customers improve research and development efficiency, effectively guarantee the product research and development cycle, improve product quality, and help enterprises to take a step faster and win the opportunity in the fierce market competition.。”


Positioning high-end focus on national strategic emerging industries

The data shows that as of2018At the end of the year, the sales revenue of China's inspection and testing industry was2810.5100 million yuan, the compound annual growth rate in five years14.98%The market scale continues to expand。With the gradual liberalization of the inspection and testing service market by the government, the market competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the requirements for technical service capabilities of enterprises are increasing day by day。It is understood that with the trend of this listing, radio and television metering will target the national strategic emerging industries, continue to promote scientific research and innovation, achieve a close combination of technological innovation and the development needs of strategic industries, win the market advantage with core technology, and lead the market expansion with professional technology。

 "The reason why we choose to vigorously build and enhance the technical service capabilities of aerospace, rail transit, automobiles and other national strategic key industries is because these are areas that the country needs urgently and industrial upgrading needs urgently.。"Huang Yuezhen introduced。Radio and television measurement is like the "doctor" of enterprise product quality,Can "take the pulse to open the way" for enterprises,Help enterprises to analyze the causes of product quality problems,Propose targeted solutions,Assist enterprises to carry out process optimization,Improve product quality,Make up for quality shortcomings,Thus, it provides solid and reliable technical support for promoting China's manufacturing industry to accelerate its move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain and enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry。

 State-owned enterprises to practice the quality of the country's mission

Measurement and testing technical institutions are indispensable technical support for national quality safety and quality technical supervision。Entering the new era, Radio and television metrology inherits the red gene of Guangzhou Radio Group, adheres to the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises serving the industry and serving the society, actively participates in the construction of a quality power with the power of technology, transmits trust to the public, and escorts high-quality development。The company for the National Day70Annual military parade equipment, domestic large aircraft, Beidou satellite and other "national heavy equipment" to provide measurement and detection technology services,And participated in the development of a number of high-speed rail equipment and new energy vehicles and other testing standards,It has been unanimously recognized by the government, the industry and the public,It has won many honors such as "Quality Light" Annual excellent Technical institution and Guangdong Annual Economic Enterprise。

"Based on the new starting point of the listing platform, radio and television measurement will unswervingly implement the 'industry+Capital's two-wheel drive strategy, give full play to the advantages of financing platforms and expertise, stride forward to a more ambitious goal。"Yang Haizhou said。"Radio and television metering inherits the red gene of Radio Group,Always firm state-owned enterprises surname Party,To take the responsibility and mission of the new era of measurement and testing institutions,Based in Guangzhou, facing the whole country, serving the world,Actively provide technical support and services for the construction of the "Greater Bay Area", the "quality power" strategy and the "Belt and Road" initiative,Make a greater contribution。”未来,Radio and television measurement will use the power of capital platform,We will continue to promote technological innovation and service innovation,Continuous improvement of technical service level and quality,Build a famous brand in the measurement and testing industry,To become a leading measurement and testing enterprise with industry leadership, market credibility and international influence,Realize the ambition and responsibility of industry serving the country and industrial power,To realize the dream of quality power escort。