New semester new atmosphere!Xuntong Smart campus solutions lead AI intelligent education

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Towards the brand new September, also ushered in the new semester。In order to improve the quality of teaching and the level of campus safety, many schools have poured into the new wave of "smart campus", so that students can deeply feel the new breath of "smart campus" at the first moment they step into the school gate。 

经过一个暑假的“大改造”,注定会给家长和师生们别开生面的感受!更个性的十大电子游戏平台、更有趣的教学体验、更安全的学校环境 …… 一幅“智慧化校园”的美好蓝图在我们眼前铺开。Next will take Qingyuan No. 2 Middle School (hereinafter referred to as "Qingyuan No. 2 Middle School") as an example, by Xiao Xun to lead you to appreciate the charm of the smart campus。

The first security door: QR code visitor system
"Please scan the QR code to open the door。”
A warm reminder is the first impression of Qingyuan Second middle School。Relying on the wechat public number platform, Xuntong QR code visitor system can help visitors realize automatic reservation, notification, inquiry, and make visitor services more automated and intelligent。The system interconnects with the access control system to realize pre-visit reservation, scanning code registration, scanning code to open the gate and other functions, which greatly facilitates visitor access。Through the wechat public account platform to make an appointment, after the approval of visitors can obtain time-sensitive access permission, through high-tech means, greatly improve the security, administrative staff's work efficiency, but also make the appointment of visitors more convenient registration。

Visitor information through the platform, the form is automatically generated in the cloud, and the behavior and permissions of visitors become more manageable and controllable。The form is clear at a glance, and it is more convenient to query, record, save and manage than the traditional paper version of the sign up form, and it is also more in line with the current intelligent information setting。
Dynamic face recognition system: Ensure campus security
Lang Lang's school melody surrounds the campus, and students successively pass through the face gate in an orderly manner, and behind the gate is dynamic face recognition technology as a powerful support。The gate of Qingyuan No. 2 Middle School deploes the gate type face machine, when the student passes by, the face will automatically grab the face information and the background face library mass information for comparison, complete the comparison in the blink of an eye, and the gate can be opened when the match is successful。

Choosing a gate type face machine to replace the traditional teaching personnel at the door inspection can fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of off-campus personnel mixing with the school, and also prevent the phenomenon of security personnel and inspection teachers misidentifying the identity of students。The monitored face information is uploaded to the cloud synchronously, and the students' access information is in hand。When there are incidents such as leaving school without authorization, staying overnight, swiping cards or taking swiping cards, early warning information will be pushed to the hands of parents and teachers to achieve human-computer interconnection and perceptual integration in the smart campus。
License plate recognition x campus application, intelligent management in one step
What kind of chemical reaction will the modern and intelligent vehicle management technology produce when applied to the smart campus?

There are many vehicles coming and going every day, and Qingyuan No. 2 Middle School adopts license plate recognition technology to carry out intelligent management of vehicles entering and leaving。When the vehicle drives to the school gate, the system will capture and identify the number of the vehicle that is about to enter, record the relevant data of the vehicle in time, and provide a new service model for the construction of the smart campus。
For vehicles entering and leaving the campus, the system will automatically identify vehicle characteristics, automatically verify the legal identity of the vehicle, and automatically alarm the license plate number identified to the blacklist database。Fast traffic license plate recognition technology can effectively make the traffic fully within the monitoring range, improve the safety factor of the campus。
Dangerous chemical safety door, intelligent system supervision
With the continuous improvement of the quality of daily teaching, most schools are inseparable from the chemistry laboratory。With the improvement of chemical products, the use of chemicals has also become a problem that schools pay attention to。Dangerous chemicals have inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic and other dangerous characteristics. Due to the lack of scientific and standardized management in some units, especially the management of dangerous chemicals, campus safety problems have hidden dangers to a certain extent。 

To introduce information technology into the classroom and promote the construction of smart campus information, in addition to the laying of information, security issues should be put in the first place。The construction of the hazardous chemicals supervision system provides practical technical support for the safety management of hazardous chemicals。
Through the intelligent monitoring system of hazardous chemicals, the three functions of "double lock hazardous chemicals in and out of the warehouse", "three-dimensional perception hazardous chemicals room environmental monitoring" and "hierarchical hazardous chemicals supervision" are realized, and the perfect linkage of civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense is realized to ensure the safety management of hazardous chemicals in schools。
Attitude recognition early warning system, danger early warning
The teaching work should be carried out on the basis of safety first。Safety is the prerequisite for the smooth development of all social activities。Xuntong Technology conducted in-depth research on students' campus activities and developed a posture recognition system based on video intelligent analysis。

Through the analysis of the video picture in the real-time monitoring area, it can realize the functions of early warning and real-time alarm of accidents。As we all know, the crowded areas of the campus (such as corridors, stairwell) are very prone to stampede and personnel fall to the ground. After the deployment of the Xuntpass attitude recognition and early warning system, when personnel fall to the ground and stampede occur in the monitoring area, the system will automatically alarm and notify relevant personnel to escort students' behavior safety。
One-click call alarm system
In the face of emergencies, every minute is very important。In the absence of communication tools, the one-click call alarm system in the campus has become the fastest communication tool to get in touch with the teacher。

When the school bullying incident or other emergency, only need to press the alarm button, the sign-in room, doorman, or other places equipped with alarm machine, can receive the alarm call, security personnel click the alarm button in the alarm machine, you can make a video call with the alarm person。

"Smart campus" into the campus, not only promote the deep integration of information technology and teaching, so that students experience the charm of information construction, but also make the campus environment more intelligent and safe。Xuntong smart campus solutions play an important role in improving the efficiency of school operations and ensuring the safety of teachers and students' lives and property。The construction of smart campus is far more than this, and Xuntong Technology will continue to dig deep into the application of technology and contribute to China's education informatization。