Guangzhou Electronics Industry Association

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Guangzhou Electronics Industry Association was established on May 26, 1999,It is organized by enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutions and intermediaries in the electronics industry of Guangzhou on the basis of equality, voluntary and mutual benefit,It is cross-departmental and cross-ownership,It is a non-profit industrial social and economic organization with self-regulation, intermediation and service。The purpose of the association is to abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, and to abide by social morality。Give full play to the role of industry associations within the scope of the national guidelines, policies and relevant regulations for the development of the electronic information industry, so that it can become a bridge and link between the government and enterprises。The association is the representative, defender and spokesperson of the interests of the member enterprises。The association is also a platform for member enterprises to communicate。Members can share information, communicate equally, help each other and work together on this platform。