Chaozhou electronic and mechanical industry association

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Chaozhou Electronic and Mechanical Industry Association is a social organization registered by the Civil Affairs Bureau and an industry association under the direct guidance of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau. It was established in January 2013。The purpose of the association is to implement the guidelines, policies and relevant regulations of the state and provinces, give full play to the role of industry associations, reflect the reasonable demands of enterprises, and make it a bridge and link between the government and enterprises。

This letter covers the city's electronic equipment, communication equipment, light source lighting, security systems, household appliances, wire and cable, ceramic food machinery, kiln installation, food packaging, aquarium, battery and motor equipment and other products,The existing members have more than 100 enterprises such as Chuangjia, Southern Power Grid, Datang International, Three Ring Group, Zhenglong Battery, Fuxing Machinery, Haili Group, Boyu Group, Jinyuan Lighting。

For four years,The association has won a series of honorary titles of "Double Hundred Supporting Military Line" commemorative unit in Chaozhou City, Demonstration social organization unit in Chaozhou City, advanced unit in popular science work in Chaozhou City, and outstanding group member unit in the 20th anniversary of Guangdong Electronics Industry Association.I was elected as the founding president of Chaozhou Social Organization Association and the founding Vice president of Chaozhou Intellectual Property Protection Association.I will be approved as a social organization in Chaozhou with qualifications to undertake the transfer of government functions and purchase services,Become the second batch of Chaozhou City with the ability to undertake the transfer of government functions and purchase services of one of the 12 social groups。

Chaozhou Electronic and Mechanical Industry Association cordially invites you to join,We will provide the majority of members with policy advice, standard-setting, industrial alliances, legal aid, learning exchanges, industry regulations, technical discussions, consultation interaction and foreign anti-dumping and other services conducive to the healthy and rapid development of the industry,We have carried out active exchanges and cooperation with other countries throughout the year,Sincerely welcome colleagues from the electronic and mechanical industry to visit and guide, negotiate trade, technical exchanges, economic cooperation, investment and financing,Seek common development on the basis of mutual benefit。