Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association

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I. History and role of the Association

Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association was founded in April 23, 1986, is the first industry association in Shenzhen, its predecessor is the Shenzhen Electronics Industry Development Coordination Committee established in 1984。

The members of the association are widely distributed in various fields of the electronic information industry in our city, there are nearly 500, including SEG Group, Huawei Technologies, ZTE, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Konka Group, Skyworth Group, Huaqiang Group, Leibo Technology and other national electronic information 100 enterprises and a large number of key leading enterprises in electronic information industries。The industrial output value of member enterprises has accounted for more than 60% of the total industrial output value of Shenzhen, and has become the backbone of the electronic information industry in our city。

Association since its inception,With the care and support of successive municipal leaders,Adhering to the purpose of "serving members, serving industry, serving government",Actively play the role of intermediary, coordination and communication between member enterprises and the government,Timely communicate and implement the municipal government's industrial policies and policies,It has made positive contributions to promoting and promoting the development of electronic information industry in Shenzhen。

Iii. Association qualification

(1) Shenzhen's first 4A-level community organizations

(2) Social organizations in Shenzhen with qualifications to undertake government transfer functions and purchase services

(3) Electronic information industry workstation of WTO Affairs Center, Municipal Economic and Trade Information Commission

(4) The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau electronic information professional and technical title evaluation institution

(5) Municipal Economic and Trade Information Commission electronic information key enterprise operation monitoring statistics entrusted unit

(6) Municipal Bureau of Statistics Huaqiang North electronic professional market large self-employed statistical entrusted units

(7) Member units of the World Electronic Forum

(8) Member of the Asian Electronic Forum

(9) Hong Kong Trade Development Council Spring Electronics Fair, International Information Technology Expo mainland regional agent

(10) Hong Kong Trade Development Council Autumn Electronics Exhibition, International components and Production technology Exhibition mainland regional agent

(11) The United States Las Vegas International Winter Consumer Electronics Show CES official authorization

Iv. Service functions of the Association

Market development international exchange

Organize and lead enterprises to participate in international and domestic exhibitions and forums;To organize and carry out domestic and foreign economic exchange activities such as technology and product display

Industry research project consulting industry statistics

To assist the government in formulating major industry projects for consideration;Carry out industry research, grasp industry dynamics, conduct industry analysis and research, write industry operation analysis reports, industry development reports and carry out industry statistics。

Information service policy promotion

Enterprise publicity and product and brand promotion;Provide industry information, policy information, domestic and foreign technology, market development trends, trends and related information。

Membership service

Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member enterprises,To make suggestions to the government on behalf of enterprises;For enterprises to handle electronic products export origin certificate and personnel exit and exit certificate procedures;Provide policy, economy, technology, technology and other information exchange services for member enterprises;Organize and carry out complementary advantages and cooperation among members;Integrate the resources of financial services institutions,Meet the financing needs of member enterprises;Organize and carry out relevant training according to the needs of member enterprises。

V. Main work and achievements of the Association in recent years

In recent years, in order to implement the goals and tasks set by the "Decision on Vigorously implementing the" Going Out "Strategy" issued by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, under the guidance of various functional departments of the municipal government, the Association has actively carried out various services for small and medium-sized private enterprises to "go out"。

To carry out international science and technology, humanities, information and other multi-dimensional exchanges and cooperation, to help Shenzhen to build an international city。

To lead enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions as a starting point, help enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets, and promote the construction of Shenzhen's "Belt and Road" and "Bay Area economy"。

To create Shenzhen standards, Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen brand as the goal, to drive the innovation and development of industry enterprises。

(1) Expand foreign exchanges and cooperation to help enterprises expand international markets;

In April 2014, he went to Vietnam with Secretary Hu Chunhua to carry out economic and trade exchange activities and hosted two economic and trade exchange meetings。In May 2016, I went abroad for the second time with Secretary Hu Chunhua for economic and trade exchange activities, and held three economic and trade exchange meetings in Canada, the United States and Mexico。

(2) Build an international science and technology resource platform and carry out creative services for makers;

Led by the association, together with other enterprises initiated the establishment of Zhaobangji Technology Dream Factory (INNOPARK), which was supported by the government as a key project in Futian District of Hi-Tech Fair in 2015。The Belgian delegation attended the opening ceremony。Jean-claude Margu, Vice President and Minister of Economy of the Walloon Region, together with Gao Guohui, Deputy Secretary General of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Xia Yang, Deputy Governor of Futian District and other heavyweight guests inaugurated INNOPARK。

(3) Organize enterprises to implement the "going global strategy" to help industrial transformation and upgrading;

(4) to carry out personnel exchange services and undertake the transfer of government functions such as technical title evaluation;

Since 2006, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has reformed and innovated ideas, relying on social organizations to carry out pilot reform of title evaluation work, and created new ideas for talent title evaluation work。

Establish an industry exchange information service platform;

Initiated the establishment of the "Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association Virtual Reality and augmented reality application professional as a member" special committee to pay close attention to the development law and trend of VR and AR application industry at home and abroad,We will actively guide innovative development,Timely organization of hot topic discussion, expert consultation, professional training and application case promotion activities,Jointly held the summit forum of VR and AR application industry,Create a good industry development atmosphere,Promote enterprise development,Promote industry progress,Lead the consumer trend。

(5) Carry out foreign trade knowledge training to help enterprises cope with international trade conflicts;

Many times to organize enterprises to participate in foreign trade related knowledge training, talks, information for overseas investment enterprises to clear the obstacles。

Carry out industry surveys, statistical analysis and research, and provide advisory services for government decision-making。

◆ "Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturing" - Research on the innovation development and action strategy of electronic information industry in Futian District

◆2015 Shenzhen electronic components industry operation analysis report

◆ Huaqiangbei Electronic professional market electronic components products "large individual" statistical survey

◆ Survey report on "transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement" of Shenzhen manufacturing enterprises

◆ Nanshan District enterprise comprehensive data collection

Help apply for Futian District Foreign Trade Transformation Demonstration Zone, Shenzhen intelligent terminal Industry Cluster Demonstration Zone (NDRC project, approved)。