Guangdong East Sunshine Technology holding Co., LTD

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The holding company of Dongdong Sunshine Group has four production bases: Yidu in Hubei, Shaoguan Ruyuan in Shaoguan, Zunyi in Guizhou and Dongguan in Guangdong, with more than 12,000 employees, and holds a listed company "Dongyangkou" (600673).。At the same time, as the global core strategic partner of Hong Kong North and South Brothers International Investment Co., LTD., East Sunshine will fully operate and manage the "Nanling health" industry under North and South Brothers。

Guangdong Dongsunshine Technology Holding Co., LTD. (referred to as "Dongsunshine Technology", stock code: 600673), formerly known as Chengdu Measuring Tools and Cutting Tools Co., LTD., was partially restructured by the former state-owned enterprise Chengdu Measuring Tools and Cutting Tools General Factory。In March 1993, the company was approved by the State Commission for Structural Reform (1993) No. 50 to continue the joint-stock pilot enterprise。In September 1993, the company was approved as a listed company by the Securities regulator of China Securities Regulatory Commission (1993) No.46。

2003年6月,The Company will replace the equity assets legally owned in relation to the measuring and cutting tools business with the equity assets legally owned in relation to the hydrophilic foil business of Ruyuan Yang Zhiguang Aluminum Development Co., LTD,After the asset exchange is completed,The company's business scope has been changed to the production and sales of hydrophilic foils, coatings, electronic materials and other legal projects that do not require permission or approval。

2007年12月,The company completed a private placement,其中,Shenzhen East Sunshine Industrial Development Co., Ltd. issued 25.9 million shares to the asset subscription company,Become a controlling shareholder of the company,The business scope of the company has been changed to the research and development and sales of high-purity aluminum, electrode foil, hydrophilic foil and coating for hydrophilic foil, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, soft magnetic materials, electrochemistry and other products;Import and export of goods and technologies (except commodities and technologies whose import and export are restricted or prohibited by the State)。

In April 2008, approved by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, the company's name was changed from Chengdu Yangzhiguang Industrial Co., Ltd. to Guangdong Dongguang Aluminum Co., LTD., and its registered address was changed from No. 14, East Section of the Second Ring Road, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, to Hou Gongdu, Rucheng Town, Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province。

Over the years,With the strong support of the government and all sectors of society,The company spirit of leading technology, reputation first,The business purpose of creating first-class brand and first-class enterprise,Pursue the best corporate benefits and good social benefits,Aluminium extrusion,Develop electronic chemical and electronic raw materials and raw devices,Become the most perfect aluminum processing industry chain in China,At present, it is the largest production base of formation foil, electronic light foil, hydrophilic foil and Φ16 or more large capacitors in China。

Based on the existing industry, the company's leadership actively enterprising, adhere to science and technology, and actively cultivate the company's new profit growth point on the basis of stable development。transversely,The company strives to extend the industrial chain,Improve the company's ability to resist risks,In April 2008, it participated in Tongzi Shixi Coal Industry Co., LTD,An important step for the company's industrial chain to extend upward;vertically,Strengthen management of the company,Energy saving and consumption reduction,Improve the construction of supporting products for aluminum processing industry chain,Strengthen cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises,Improve product quality and technological content,Increase the added value of products,Open the international market。2009年,The company successfully introduced Japan's Mitsui Co., LTD. (one of the world's largest trading enterprises) and Japan's Furukawa Skai Co., LTD. (Japan's largest aluminum processing enterprise),With the world's most advanced aluminum processing technology),From the fine foil product for the fulcrum,Gradually enter the field of new energy and new materials,And even expand to the entire aluminum industry chain,Jointly committed to the research and development, production and sales of aluminum deep processing products。Actively committed to building coal - electricity - aluminum integrated industry chain。

Participated in East Sunshine Medicine in 2010。And enter the new energy, new material industry。"Dongyang Pharmaceutical" is currently the largest manufacturer of macrolides in the world and has passed the FDA certification.It is the largest Tamiflu production base in China;It is one of the enterprises with the highest level of production of insulin biological drugs;Is the most powerful R & D, overseas registration, production of Europe and the United States and other developed countries generic drug enterprises;Is independent research and development, independent registration, at the same time through the United States FDA and the European Union certification of the first pharmaceutical enterprise in China;It is a domestic enterprise with more overseas experts, well-equipped, in line with the US FDA, and the strongest new drug research and development enterprise。Near future,It will certainly make positive contributions to human victory over cardiovascular, tumor, hepatitis B and other major diseases,It will also be a world-class and China's largest pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates the R&D, production and sales of apis, generics, new drugs, biological drugs, medical devices, medical packaging materials, and medical accessories with a complete pharmaceutical industry system。 

As of December 2012, the total assets of East Sunshine Technology Company were 76.$900 million, net worth 25.900 million yuan, 5,697 employees, college degree or above accounted for 23%。

At present, it is the largest listed company in China: chemical foil, hydrophilic foil, and the largest electrochemical product production in Guangdong Province。At present, it is one of the main units with more scientific and technological personnel and better experimental equipment in the research and development of refrigerants, fluorine resin, fluorine fine chemical industry, etc., and one of the main units with more scientific and technological personnel and better experimental equipment in the research and development of silicon chemical industry。