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China CLP International Information Service Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "CLP Information") is the core backbone enterprise of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China Electronics"), the largest state-owned comprehensive IT group enterprise, and a wholly state-owned leading enterprise in the information service sector。The company was founded in 1983, formerly known as Sunda Electronics Corporation, restructured to "Shenzhen Sunda Electronics Group Co., LTD." In 2003, in response to the needs of the integration of the business sector of China Electronics Headquarters, the company as an integration subject, changed its name to "China CLP International Information Service Co., LTD."。

2016年6月,CLP Information reorganized through integration,Absorbed and merged three enterprises, China Electronic Equipment Corporation, Shenzhen Aihua Electronics, Shenzhen CLP Investment Co., LTD,The main business covers foreign trade comprehensive services, components e-commerce, new smart city, science and technology park, intelligent manufacturing, exhibition logistics, industrial real estate and so on。After the integration of CLP Information, in 2016, the operating income of 38.4 billion yuan, the total profit of 600 million yuan, the total assets of 21.5 billion yuan, the net assets of 6.2 billion yuan, with A total of 99 subordinate enterprises with direct asset relations (including the listed company "deep Songda A 000032.SZ "1), the total number of employees more than 10,000。

Shenzhen CLP Investment Co., Ltd. has been ranked first in the general trade exports of mechanical and electrical products in Shenzhen for many years, and the top 100 general trade export enterprises in the country;Shenzhen CLP International Information Technology Co., LTD., under the "CLP Port" for the national component e-commerce platform;Shenzhen Sunda Wireless Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has ranked first in the national GSM-R terminal market share for many years, and is the main supplier of European railway GSM-R terminals.CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd. is the country's largest electronic components and communication industry exhibition;Tai Risheng Company is a precision machinery and hardware parts manufacturing,It is the main supplier of communication structural parts for ZTE and Huawei。

In recent years,CLP Information is based on China's electronic strategic development layout and its own industrial transformation and upgrading,We should actively respond to the complex and changing economic environment at home and abroad,Adhere to the development concept of "industry as the base, strategy as the potential, finance as the instrument and innovation as the soul",Focus on building "vitality first, innovation first, collective struggle, hold the bottom line" corporate culture,Comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises,The scale, quality and efficiency of operations have been continuously improved。Looking forward to the future, CLP Information will focus on the development strategy of "two-wheel drive, three types of business models, four resource platforms, three core main businesses", and strive to become a state-owned backbone enterprise with international competitiveness in the field of information services in China。

Ii. Industry development

CLP Information has focused on development for more than 30 years,The core enterprises in the subdivision of the field of deep cultivation,Outstanding core business advantages,And through the professional reorganization and structural optimization in recent years,Accelerating collaboration,Aggregate resource,The company has accumulated a deep brand, reputation, capital, talent and other core competitive advantages,Have a certain basis for development,The comprehensive strength has improved significantly。

Foreign trade comprehensive services: The company, with its subsidiary Shenzhen CLP Investment Co., LTD as the main body, has been ranked first in the general trade exports of mechanical and electrical products in Shenzhen for many years, and ranked fifth in the top 100 general trade export enterprises in the country。The business covers online and offline one-stop industrial integration services including product research and development, raw material procurement, manufacturing, trade marketing, financial financing, logistics and distribution, retail distribution, industrial incubation and bonded policy and other core links。With the integration of foreign trade comprehensive service business between industries and the coordinated development of industrial ecology, the company has made every effort to build an "industrial Internet" platform to reshape the entire industrial chain in an all-round way;Layout and development of parallel import car business, construction of online O2O car service platform and offline "parking base", to create O2O car ecosystem。In 2016, the transaction volume of cross-border e-commerce network has reached nearly 300 million yuan;Initially set up an Internet platform for parallel import cars, 272 vehicles have been issued, with sales of 29.15 million yuan, and the qualification of Qianhai pilot enterprise has been approved by the municipal government。

Component e-commerce platform: "CLP Port" is the company's efforts to build a national component e-commerce platform, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first batch of "e-commerce integration innovation pilot project", launched on October 28, 2014, after two years of rapid development, the annual revenue has reached 10 billion scale。"CLP Hong Kong" is based on Internet information technology, electronic components trading as the core, providing its own media community, technical support, big data, finance and modern supply chain distribution services in one of the comprehensive e-commerce experience platform。It has successfully introduced nearly 2,000 brand product lines, including the internationally renowned storage manufacturer Micron, the domestic well-known Unigroup Guoxin, GD MCU, etc., with a total of 1.02 million product models;More than 200 ecological enterprises and institutions have been included in the biogen ecosystem。

Intelligent industry: The company relies on many years of products and business advantages in intelligent transportation, intelligent lighting, intelligent commercial, intelligent logistics, intelligent park and other industries,Start with the project,Integrate various resources in the system,Seize the new opportunities of the rapid development of national smart cities,Explore the smart city market,Gradually formed a strong project planning ability, contracting ability and management ability,Accumulated rich experience in project operation。In the past two years, the company signed a smart city phase I construction contract with the Jiangsu Taizhou Hailing District government, with the amount of 9.800 million yuan;The smart city construction cooperation framework agreement was signed with Jiangsu Yangzhong Economic Development Zone, with a total investment budget of about 5 billion yuan, and the first phase of the smart park project construction contract 10.4.2 billion yuan;Signed the "Internet +" Smart Industry Alliance Strategic Cooperation Agreement "with the government of Qixia District, Nanjing。

Exhibition business: The company is the country's largest electronic components and communications industry exhibition。The China Electronics (Shenzhen) Information Expo, jointly created by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shenzhen City, has become a comprehensive exhibition platform that most represents the development level of China's electronic information industry, as well as the largest electronic industry information comprehensive exhibition in Asia。China Electronics Exhibition (CEF) spring, summer and autumn with the layout of South China - central and western China - East China, the annual exhibition scale reached 150,000 square meters, China (Chengdu) Electronics Exhibition has become the most influential electronic information industry annual communication platform in western China。

In addition, China Electronics Show (CEF) is one of the five members of the Asian Electronics Exhibition Alliance (AEECC), and is known as the five major electronics shows in Asia together with Japan Electronics Show, Korea Electronics Show, Taiwan Electronics Show and Hong Kong Electronics Show。The collaboration among its members has greatly increased CEF's international influence。

Smart logistics: The company's business model covers the entire industry, with more advanced logistics service technology, equipment, professional logistics information platform and rich experience in logistics operation and management, with the ability to provide quality logistics services。Shencai Logistics is a national pilot enterprise for the linkage of manufacturing and logistics industry, and a key logistics enterprise in Shenzhen. It has outstanding service advantages in the fields of industrial linkage, park production logistics, cross-border e-commerce logistics, cross-border transportation and supply chain integration in Southeast Asia and Central Asia。Jetta Transportation is the country's largest precision equipment transport provider, in the international freight forwarding, precision transportation, production line construction project logistics, military logistics and other business areas have a strong competitive strength。

Intelligent manufacturing: The company took the lead in achieving a major breakthrough in the core technology of GSM-R mobile terminal products in China,Ranked first in the national GSM-R terminal market share for many years, is the main supplier of European railway GSM-R terminal;Its affiliated company Tairisheng has formed a strong production technology strength and accumulated a strong process technology foundation in the field of intelligent manufacturing and precision machining,It is the main supplier of communication structural parts for ZTE and Huawei.Established a joint venture with Philips Lighting,Formed a strong intelligent lighting solutions technical service capabilities;It has formed unique technical advantages in green energy, intelligent electricity consumption, financial machinery and other fields。

Industrial real estate: The core company of CLP Information is in the process of development in Shenzhen,A large number of industrial and commercial land has been formed in the city center of Shenzhen,With the rapid development of Shenzhen,Some industrial projects are gradually moving to the surrounding areas of Shenzhen,A large amount of land can be developed,To CLP information comprehensive development business left a rare space for development。At present, there are 9 urban complex development projects such as CLP Difu Building project, Phoenix Lanting Project, Zhonglian project, Aihua Science Park Community project, Aihua Plaza project, Industrial Project, Great Wall Consulting project, CLP Qianhai Project, Headquarters base project,The reserve volume of land resources is large,The development covers an area of more than 180,000 square meters。At the same time, in other regions of Guangdong province, South Software Park, Zhuhai Park, Dongguan Park and Heyuan Park and other science and technology park development projects have been developed。These land resources are located in Shenzhen and the pan-Pearl River Delta region, with good geographical location, high premium space, and fewer defects in land resource rights and other legal disputes, providing good conditions for resource integration。In addition to the projects under construction, the total construction area of the company's properties in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, Guangdong region (except Shenzhen), Beijing, Shanghai and other places is 104.50,000m2, of which Shenzhen area 56.80,000 ㎡, the park area of 34.870,000 square meters, stable property operating cash flow, strong anti-risk ability。

Iv. Enterprise development plan

According to the company's "13th Five-Year" development strategic plan, by 2020, the operating income of the electricity information in the year exceeded 100 billion yuan, the total profit exceeded 3 billion yuan in the year, and the investment in science and technology was not less than 1 billion yuan。The company's industrial status has been significantly improved, the operating efficiency has been greatly improved, and the main business scale is in the forefront of the industry。

CLP Information planning has clarified the strategic positioning of "the main undertaker of China Electronic System 3 project, the leading domestic information service provider, and the national modern information service platform",It takes "advanced layout, joint innovation, systematic organization and collaborative promotion" as its guiding ideology,Determined the overall development of the "two three four three" idea: "thirteen five" period,CLP Information will be "restructuring, integration, transformation and upgrading" as the main line,Implement the two-wheel drive strategy of "stock business optimization and incremental business development";To construct three types of professional business management models: strategic, investment and sustainable;Build four resource platforms for business, capital, investment and financing, and human resources;Focus on modern trade services, smart industry, park development and value-added services three core business,Through the implementation of a number of major projects and projects,"Improve quality and efficiency, structural adjustment, mechanism innovation, and style construction" four major battles。