Guangzhou Development Zone electronics and communications industry association

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Guangzhou Development Zone Electronics and Communication Industry Association is composed of a large number of key units of electronics and communication industry, such as Guangzhou Weikai Testing Technology Research Institute, Guangzhou Jinpeng Group Co., LTD., Guangzhou Haige Communication Group Co., LTD., Guangdong Weichuang Video Technology Co., LTD,A first-level association legal person approved and registered by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Luogang District, Guangzhou。The association not only brings together senior experts and a large number of scientific and technological personnel from the academic circle of the country, but also gathers a large number of well-known enterprises in the electronics and communications industry。 We should unite the academic and business communities to promote exchanges and cooperation in scientific research and production, promote the transformation of technology into productive forces, and carry out all-round services from technology, products to the market.

Main functions of Guangzhou Development Zone Electronics and Communications Industry Association:

1, to safeguard the common interests of the whole industry and the legitimate rights and interests of member enterprises, to play a link and bridge role between the government, member enterprises and users。

2, publish the latest developments of international and domestic technical regulations and standards to help enterprises correctly understand and respond。

3, to carry out various industry, enterprise, product selection and recommendation work。

4, to carry out technology, quality, standards, testing, certification, price, market and information and other aspects of the discussion, exchange and service。

5. Use the platform of the association to provide member enterprises with the latest information on new products and technologies, product standards and quality, and the latest market trends at home and abroad。

6, organize member enterprises at home and abroad visits, research, exhibitions and trade fairs。