Dongguan Yangfan purification technology Co., LTD

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The company was established in Shijie Town, Dongguan City in 1995, covering an area of more than 3000 square meters, registered capital: 10 million。Yangfan Company is one of the largest clean room overall project contractors in South China,Has set up branches or offices in Dongguan Dongcheng, Hangzhou, Hubei, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other places,Has a large number of professional and technical personnel,At present, it has more than 160 regular employees,Among them, there are 8 national registered HVAC engineers,5 electrical engineers,There are 10 cleaning engineers,4 project managers,Purification engineering installation team 12,The annual revenue exceeds 60 million yuan,It has a high reputation and reputation in the industry。

Yangfan Company has obtained various honors and qualifications since its establishment,Has become a member of China Electronics Association clean Technology branch and Shenzhen clean Industry Association governing unit,Has a clean industry enterprise purification engineering level 2 qualification certificate, construction enterprise construction mechatronics level 3 qualification certificate, construction enterprise construction decoration engineering professional contracting level 3 qualification certificate。Adopt ISO9001, ISO14001 management system。

扬帆公司承建 10-100000 级无尘无菌厂房、中央空调工程、生物无尘无菌工程等空气净化工程配套系统的设计安装及维护、室内装饰各项性能指标均符合ISO/TC20、GB50073-2001、GB50243-2002最新国际要求和GB50591-2010最新国家净化工程施工标准。And in line with the State Pharmaceutical Administration, the Ministry of Health, GMP pharmaceutical production environment standards。

The company produces clean table, air shower, transfer window, FFU, self-purifier, industrial clean oven and other series of purification equipment,It is widely used in microelectronics engineering, mechanical electronics, optical magnetic technology, aerospace, precision instruments, fine chemical industry, post and telecommunications, medicine and health, food and beverage, cosmetics industry and other high-tech industries。