Guangdong Normal University of Technology

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Guangdong Normal University of Technology is a provincial institution of higher learning with the right to grant master's degrees (" Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government on the Overall Promotion of Vocational and Technical Education Reform and Development Decision "(Yuefa [2011] No. 14) included in the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan "of Guangdong Province to accelerate the development of vocational and normal education key construction universities)。Founded in 1957, the College was formerly known as Guangdong College for Nationalities. In 1998, the Ministry of Education and the Guangdong Provincial Government decided to change the college into Guangdong Vocational and Technical Teachers College according to the needs of social and economic development and the adjustment of educational structure. In 2002, it was renamed Guangdong Technical Teachers College。In 2002 and 2005, the former Guangdong Provincial Machinery School, the former Guangdong Provincial Economic Management Cadre College and the Guangdong Provincial Finance and Trade Management Cadre College were merged into the college successively。In 2006, it was approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of The State Council as a master's degree-granting unit。

The school has 3 first-level master's degree programs in Ethnology, Control Science and Engineering, and Journalism and Communication (covering 19 second-level disciplines).,There are 2 key disciplines with Guangdong characteristics (vocational and technical education, modern and contemporary Chinese literature),1 independent second-level master's degree program (Vocational and Technical Education),2 professional degree programs: Master of Education, Master of Engineering (Master of Electronics and Communication Engineering)。In 2015, newly approved Master of Education (Vocational and technical education) professional degree postgraduate education pilot units。The college is an enrollment and training unit for graduate students of "Vocational school teachers studying for Master's professional degree on the job" and "Minority High-level Backbone Talents Plan"。There are 6 graduate joint training bases in Guangdong Province。

In 2012, the school was approved two key disciplines with Guangdong characteristics (vocational and technical education, modern and contemporary Chinese literature), and in 2016, the school newly declared three key disciplines with characteristics: control science and engineering, ethnology, and vocational technology。The second-level discipline of communication and information system was added to the post of Zhujiang Scholar in 2016。The school has 64 undergraduate majors, covering engineering, science, literature, management, education, economics, law, art and other disciplines。Among them, 28 are science and engineering majors, 36 are liberal arts majors, and 25 are teachers。There are 2 national and 6 provincial specialty construction points,There are 1 state-level and 11 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilot projects,There are 1 national excellent teacher training program project and 1 provincial excellent teacher training program project,There are 3 national and 28 provincial quality resource-sharing courses,There are 1 national and 1 provincial fine video open course。

The College fully implements the educational policy of the Party and the state, carries forward the school motto spirit of "being virtuous, knowledgeable, realistic and innovative", adheres to the school-running orientation of "facing vocational education, serving vocational education, leading vocational education, and developing with characteristics", is committed to training high-quality vocational education teachers and application-oriented senior professionals, and undertakes the task of ethnic higher education。