Foshan electronic information Industry Association

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Foshan Electronic Information Industry Association is the city's five districts (Chancheng district, Nanhai District, Shunde District, Sanshui District, Gaoming District) of the electronic information industry enterprises formed a social organization,It is a non-profit service organization that maintains the common interests of the members of the association and promotes the development of the industry,Members include electronics, home appliances, IT information, communication equipment and other manufacturing, research and development, business service enterprises。

The main services of the association: provide policy advice, guidance and assistance for enterprises to apply for various projects;External publicity and promotion of member enterprises, to assist enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets;Assist enterprises in product certification and testing;Organize professional management and skills training。

The association has been established since 2000,Under the strong support of functional departments at all levels of government and member enterprises,To become a bridge between enterprises and government communication, interaction and cooperation between enterprises;It is a big family for enterprises to communicate and contact market information, industry policies, technology, personnel training, product promotion, etc., complement each other's advantages, and achieve competition and win-win。In 2011, the association established the Foshan Electronic Information Industry Association Branch Committee of the Communist Party of China,Foshan "5A" level industry association, Guangdong Province small and medium-sized enterprises comprehensive service institution demonstration unit, Guangdong Province small and medium-sized enterprises public service demonstration platform, Guangdong Province electronics Industry Association vice president unit, Guangdong Province Enterprise Federation director, Guangdong Province Electronic Chamber of Commerce executive director, Foshan private economic Research Association director,Foshan University of Science and Technology practice teaching base。