Jiadu Xintai Technology Co., LTD

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On August 8, 1986, Guangzhou New Technology Research and Design Institute, the predecessor of Xintai Technology Co., LTD., was established。In July 1987, successfully launched the first commercial product - crossbar switch duplex billing system, laying the development direction for communication services。

In 1997, Guangzhou Xintai Group Co., LTD. (now Guangzhou Xintai Technology Co., LTD.) was established. In the same year, it was identified by the State Science and Technology Commission as the key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan in 1996, and at the same time, "Xintai full function sound service system" was identified as the key project of the National Torch Plan。

In 1999, Xintai Technology successfully went public through the backdoor listing of Liaoning Ocean Fishery Co., LTD., which was the first listed software enterprise in Guangzhou。

In October 2000, Xintai Technology won the first level qualification certificate of system integration of the Computer Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry。

In 2003, Xintai Technology was jointly recognized by the State Development Planning Commission, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the State Administration of Taxation as a key software enterprise in the national planning layout in 2002。

In 2007, the company's assets restructuring, Jiadu Group became the company's largest shareholder, Guangzhou Panyu Communication Pipeline Construction Investment Co., Ltd. became the second largest shareholder。

In 2008, the company started business restructuring and entered the field of video surveillance and safe city。

In 2010, Xintai undertook the construction of the security platform project of the main venue of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony, and won the banner of "Information and Communication to protect the Asian Games, Unite to create Brilliance" issued by the Asian Organizing Committee。

In 2012, "Xintai Technology" changed its name to "Jiadu Xintai"。

2013年,The material assets reorganization of the company was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission,Jiadu Technology Group rail transit, IT service plate officially injected into the listed company,Jiadu Xintai formed a "communication value-added, IT services based.,To video surveillance and rail transit as growth points "business layout,Fully enter the smart city market。

Jiadu Technology's main business is in the field of intelligent security and intelligent rail transit, with more than 506 employees, an annual business scale of more than 2 billion yuan, and a market value of nearly 10 billion yuan。Jiadu Technology is a key software enterprise in national planning and layout, a national high-tech enterprise, and the president of Guangzhou Security Association, the president of Guangzhou Software Industry Association and the vice president of Guangzhou Rail Transit Alliance。

Jiadu Technology has a national iot security laboratory and Guangzhou Public Security intelligent key laboratory, undertakes a number of national major science and technology research and technology industrialization projects, has obtained a total of more than 400 patents and Copyrights, products and technology to reach the domestic first-class level。

Jiadu Technology has established a sound independent innovation system,With the industry's most innovative R & D team, leading independent core technology and sustainable R & D capabilities,There is a technical planning research institute,2 joint laboratories and 4 engineering centers,And the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University and other research institutes close cooperation。Over the past 27 years, the company has continuously invested in technological innovation and product research and development, undertaken dozens of national and provincial and ministerial major scientific research projects such as "nuclear high base", and applied for more than 300 intellectual property rights in total。The company's automatic ticketing system, integrated security platform and other products have been promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and other key new products, and have been widely used in the field of industry customers。

In the field of smart security,The company is the largest and most extensive safe city demonstration project contractor in Asia,Products and solutions have been widely used in major security projects such as the Asian Games;In the field of intelligent rail transit,The company is the only one in China to master the automatic ticket sales system, screen door system, comprehensive monitoring system three core technical products of service providers;In the field of communication value-added,The company holds 75% of the market share of China Telecom's voice value-added platform,The total system capacity exceeds 1 million lines,Service terminal users exceeded 700 million;In the field of integrated IT services,The company is the leading cloud computing product solution service provider and one of the largest IT operation and maintenance outsourcing service providers in China。

Jiadu Xintai is an international leader in face recognition technology。