Guangdong Information Engineering Co., LTD

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Guangdong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 with a registered capital of 51 million yuan。The company specializes in integrated information system construction integration services, and provides comprehensive solutions and large-scale integration project implementation for all walks of life。The company has always been dedicated to providing customers with system integration, software and data analysis, intelligent engineering, data center/computer room construction, operation and maintenance and other professional services。The company has a wide range of customers, covering the party and government, finance, medical, energy, aviation, education, sports, catering, construction, commerce and other industries, covering nearly 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country。With the continuous growth of business volume, the company has set up 22 branches in South China, Southwest, Central China, North China, Northeast and other regions to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and long-term localized services。After 30 years of efforts, the company has gradually developed into a building intelligent system integration service enterprise with a certain scale and strength。

Since its establishment, the company has provided long-term, reliable and continuous services for hundreds of party and government departments and local governments, and has a leading technical experience advantage in the information construction of party and government fields in Guangdong Province. Its business not only covers Guangdong Province, but also has developed to 20 provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities in China。The qualification resources that reflect the company's technical strength ensure the company's stable market competitiveness,Including: computer information system integration involving state secrets, electronic and intelligent engineering professional contracting level 1, building intelligent system design special level 1, Guangdong Province security technology protection system design, construction, maintenance level 1, CMMI-3 certification, ISO9001, ISO20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001,As well as high-tech enterprises, municipal key software enterprises, provincial Enterprise Technology center, Provincial Engineering Technology Research center, provincial software and integrated circuit design industry top 100 cultivation enterprises, China's computer room engineering industry top 30, the national intelligent building industry top 60, etc。The company attaches great importance to technological innovation and experience accumulation,The third joint research platform of the National Science and Technology Major special nuclear high-base application project named by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been established,Provincial safe and reliable information system engineering research center and provincial enterprise technology center,It has 1 invention patent, 1 utility model patent, 67 computer software Copyrights and 27 high-tech products。

The company has rich experience in system integration construction and a high-quality professional and technical team of scientific research, software development, system integration, engineering implementation and service, including 12 senior titles, 38 senior project managers and project managers of system integration。With ISO9001:2008 quality control as the standard, the company has formulated the corresponding project management system, including the comprehensive management system of technology development process, project implementation, after-sales technical service, etc., and the company's chief engineering office supervises the implementation of each engineering department。

The company has been developing steadily, operating and operating in good condition。From 2014 to 2016, the company's contract signing amount and operating income increased year by year, maintaining a stable growth rate, and the business situation continued to improve。In 2014, the company signed a contract amount of 369 million yuan,The operating income was 274.8 million yuan,The total profit was 10.03 million yuan;The year 2015,The number of contracts signed by the company exceeded 400 million,The contract value is 414 million yuan,The operating income was 298.56 million yuan,The total profit was 11.12 million yuan;The year 2016,The amount of contracts signed by the company reached 479.31 million yuan,Its operating income was 463.44 million yuan,The total profit was 16.09 million yuan。In the past three years, the system integration revenue was 7.3亿元。

Our company firmly grasped the rigid demand of the security and controllability of the system integration business of the Party and government departments, took security and controllability as the main line of business, carried out business with the concept of "based on Guangdong, serving the whole country", and formed a competitive advantage in the business market of the party and government departments。The company always follows the business philosophy of "customer first, people-oriented, and sincerity",Based in Guangdong,Target national development,In accordance with the "management standardization,Service specialization "development strategy,It is committed to software development, intelligent system integration, information network construction and other technical fields,Continuously expand the talent team, improve the professional level and customer satisfaction,Gradually develop into a leader in the domestic influence industry。